5 Movies Like The Man Who Sued God to Watch

5 Movies Like The Man Who Sued God to Watch

Best Movies Like The Man Who Sued God



Here is our list of movies like The Man Who Sued God that we are sure you will enjoy. About  The Man Who Sued God Sir Billy Connolly portrays Steve Myers, a lawyer who becomes a fisherman due to frustration. After his boat has been struck by lightning and destroyed, he is denied insurance money since it was “an act of God”.


The Man Who Sued God Related Movies List



Year: 1998

Director: Glenn Jordan

A young, naive attorney (Edward Kerr) whose strings are being pulled by a slick celebrity lawyer (James Garner) defends a famous actress (Gina Gershon) accused of murdering her brother-in-law with whom she may have been having an affair.

Divine Intervention

Year: 2007

Director: Van Elder

Young, hip pastor Reverend Robert Gibbs temporarily takes over a Fundamentalist Baptist church while the predecessor Reverend Matthews recovers from a stroke.

The Starter Wife

Year: 2007

Director: Debra Messing

After the divorce of her Hollywood studio boss, the ex-wife starts a new life.

Lies and Alibis

Year: 2006

Director: Kurt Mattila

Raymond Elliott, the crook who cheated his mate out of 5 million dollars, believes in statistics and runs a risk assessment and management business, which is actually a front for a company that provides alibis to adulterous men.

Trial and Error

Year: 1962

Director: James Hill

The defence of a murder suspect is handled by an incompetent attorney.

The Best Movies Like The Man Who Sued God


I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like The Man Who Sued God, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to The Man Who Sued God.


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