5 Movies Like The Deal To Watch

Best Movies Like The Deal

Here is our list of Movies like The Deal that we are sure you will enjoy. After an unprecedented pandemic ravages the planet, leaving resources so scarce that you have to pay with your life, a mother struggles to save her ailing daughter.

The Deal Related Movies List


Year: 2018

Director: Freddie Hutton-Mills, Bart Ruspoli

During a post-apocalyptic society, living underground as protection from pollution, the main concern is finding enough food and finding other survivors. A pollution-resistant android with artificial intelligence helps achieve this.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Year: 2007

Director: Russell Mulcahy

Survivors of the Raccoon City catastrophe travel across the Nevada desert, hoping to make it to Alaska. Alice joins the caravan in their fight against the evil umbrella corporation.

The Last Days

Year: 2013

Director: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor

In 2013, a mysterious epidemic spreads across the planet: humanity develops an irrational fear of open spaces which causes death within seconds. Soon the entire global populace is trapped inside buildings. Marc sets out on a quest to find Julia, his missing girlfriend, in the midst of chaos in Barcelona.

Don’t Look Up

Year: 2021

Director: Adam McKay

Several low-level astronomers travel on a media tour to warn humanity about an approaching comet.


Year: 2020

Director: Ric Roman Waugh

In the face of a cataclysmic natural disaster, a family struggles for survival.

The Best Movies Like The Deal

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like The Deal, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to The Deal.

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