5 Movies Like The Cellar To Watch

Best Movies Like The Cellar

Here is our list of Movies like The Cellar that we are sure you will enjoy. She disappears mysteriously in the cellar of their new house. A powerful and ancient entity controls their home which she must confront or she’ll lose her family’s souls forever.

The Cellar Related Movies List

The Twin

Year: 2022

Director: Taneli Mustonen

Mothers have to confront the unbearable truth about their surviving twin sons when they are faced with an unexpected tragedy.


Year: 2022

Director: Nico van den Brink

Betriek lives on the edge of a bog in the Netherlands. The night Betriek’s family is attacked by a stranger, she attempts to find out what happened. Something is chasing her.

The Exorcism of God

Year: 2021

Director: Alejandro Hidalgo

An American priest working in Mexico is possessed during an exorcism and ends up committing a terrible act. 18 years later, the consequences of his sin come back to haunt him, unleashing the greatest battle within.


Year: 2022

Director: Chris Sivertson

This story centers on a traumatized woman fleeing from her abusive ex-husband with her 7-year-old son. Their new, remote sanctuary is filled with a bigger, more terrifying monster.

Hunting Souls

Year: 2022

Director: Diego Silva Acevedo

In Hunting Souls, an American couple deals with the hardships of caring for their sick child. A demon is hunting them.

The Best Movies Like The Cellar

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like The Cellar, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to The Cellar.

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