5 Movies Like Psycho Goreman To Watch

Best Movies Like Psycho Goreman

Here is our list of Movies like Psycho Goreman that we are sure you will enjoy. Using a gem that controls an evil monster determined to destroy the universe, a young girl and her brother use the gem to control the monster and make him do what they want.

Psycho Goreman Related Movies List


Year: 2006

Director: James Gunn

During the course of the story, a small town is taken over by an alien plague that turns its residents into zombies and mutant monsters of all kinds.


Year: 2006

Director: Andrew Currie

It is believed that space radiation turns the dead into zombies. ZOMCON fights zombies and finds ways to use and pacify them. There is a zombie doing menial chores on Timmy’s (Kesun Loder’s) 1950s suburban street. In the end, Timmy’s zombie becomes a friend and pet, and he names him Fido (Sir Billy Connolly).

Alien, Baby!

Year: 2017

Director: Andrew Rakich, Eduardo Urueña

Brian, a simple shovel salesman, thinks Alice is the girl of his dreams, but she’s a shape-shifting alien bent on destroying humanity through sheer reproductive power. Brian soon gives birth to the first member of an alien master race. Brian races to save the world from certain destruction with the help of a psychotic detective and an archaeologist with a mysterious past.

John Dies at the End

Year: 2012

Director: Don Coscarelli

One drawback of a new street drug that transports users across time and dimensions is that some people return no longer human. Is it possible for two college drop-outs to save humanity from this silent, otherworldly invasion?

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Year: 2010

Director: Eli Craig

The affable hillbillies Tucker and Dale are on vacation at their dilapidated mountain cabin when a group of preppy college students mistake them for murderers and accuse them of killing them.

The Best Movies Like Psycho Goreman

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like Psycho Goreman, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to Psycho Goreman.

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