5 Movies Like Jason’s Lyric to Watch

5 Movies Like Jason’s Lyric to Watch

Best Movies Like Jason’s Lyric



Here is our list of movies like Jason’s Lyric that we are sure you will enjoy. About Jason’s Lyric Jason (Allen Payne) must confront his trauma-induced insecurities about love as well as responsibility he owes to his mother and troubled brother Joshua (Bokeem Woodbine).


Jason’s Lyric Related Movies List


Set It Off

Year: 1996

Director: F. Gary Gray

Four Black women who have suffered for lack of money and at the hands of the majority commit bank robbery. The policeman involved in shooting one of the women’s brothers is on the trail of the women, even though he was initially successful.

Jungle Fever

Year: 1991

Director: Spike Lee

Having an affair with a white girl from work is on the mind of a successful and married black man. It’s quite understandable that he’s concerned about the racial difference making an already taboo relationship even more so.

Angel Eyes

Year: 2001

Director: Luis Mandoki

An ambush nearly claimed the life of Chicago Police officer Sharon Pogue one night, while she was pursuing a suspect. Sharon is saved by a mysterious stranger, Catch, who intervenes and disarms the assassin.

The Burning Plain

Year: 2008

Director: Guillermo Arriaga

The novel tells the story of three different characters separated by time and space – Sylvia, a woman in Oregon, who must embark on an emotional journey to discover the truth about her past; Mariana and Santiago, two teenagers in a border town in New Mexico who are trying to piece together their parents’ lives;

The Yards

Year: 2000

Director: James Gray

Subway cars are repaired and rebuilt in Queens’ rail yards. Graft and corruption are rampant because these contracts are lucrative.

The Best Movies Like Jason’s Lyric


I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like Jason’s Lyric, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to Jason’s Lyric.


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