5 Movies Like Get Carter to Watch

5 Movies Like Get Carter to Watch

Best Movies Like Get Carter

Here is our list of movies like Get Carter that we are sure you will enjoy. About Get Carter Jack Carter, a vicious London gangster, travels to Newcastle to attend the funeral of his brother. His first suspicion is that his brother’s death was not accidental. He sets out to follow a complex trail of lies, deceit, cover-ups, and backhanders in Newcastle’s underworld, in the hopes of finding the man who ordered his brother’s death.


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Year: 1970

Director: Mike Nichols

It is impossible for a bombardier to overcome the insanity of war in World War II. It may be the only sane way to deal with a crazy situation, however, if insanity is the only option. A parody of the mentality of the military, as well as of bureaucratic society in general, Catch-22 pokes fun at the military mentality.

The Card Counter

Year: 2021

Director: Paul Schrader

Schrader’s film is about William Tell (Oscar Isaac), a former serviceman and gambler who sets out to reform a young man seeking revenge on an old enemy. The young man just wants to play cards. When Cirk approaches him seeking help to take revenge on the retired military major, he is shaken out of his spartan existence on the casino trail. Through his relationship with Cirk, Tell sees a chance to redeem himself.

The Thomas Crown Affair

Year: 1968

Director: Norman Jewison

An armed gang steals money from a bank in the middle of the day, dumps it in a trash can, then splits up. Successive, wealthy businessman Thomas Crown pulls up in his Rolls Royce and collects it. The insurance company has enlisted the help of Vickie Anderson, an independent investigator, to recover the huge sum of money.

Five Easy Pieces

Year: 1970

Director: Bob Rafelson

Robert Dupea has given up his promising career as a concert pianist and is now employed in the oil industry. Rayette is a waitress at a diner where he lives with him. Robert drives up to Washington, with Rayette in tow, to see his father when he learns that he isn’t well from his sister.

The Last Detail

Year: 1973

Director: Hal Ashby

The two bawdy, tough-looking navy lifers “Bad-Ass” Buddusky and “Mule” Mulhall are tasked with accompanying a young pilferer named Meadows to the brig in Portsmouth. Meadows is not a very good thief. Indeed, he is barely a man at this stage of his life.

The Best Movies Like Get Carter


I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like Get Carter, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to  Get Carter.


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