5 Movies Like G-Loc To Watch

Best Movies Like G-Loc

Here is our list of Movies like G-Loc that we are sure you will enjoy. Bran flees the cold, uninhabitable Earth. He hopes to get to Rhea, colonized by humans 582 years ago. Rheans are against new arrivals from Earth. Rhean spaceship with cute, feisty Rhean on board.

G-Loc Related Movies List


Year: 2013

Director: Joseph Kosinski

As he extracts Earth’s remaining resources, a veteran begins to question his mission and himself.

The Martian

Year: 2015

Director: Ridley Scott

During a mission to Mars, an astronaut becomes stranded after the team assumes he is dead, and must use his ingenuity to signal Earth that he is alive.

Super 8

Year: 2011

Director: J.J. Abrams

During the summer of 1979, a group of friends witnessed a train crash and investigated subsequent unexplained events.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Year: 2015

Director: George Miller

This film is about a woman who rebels against a tyrannical ruler in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with the assist of female prisoners, a psychotic worshiper, and a drifter named Max in search of her homeland.


Year: 2016

Director: Morten Tyldum

An anomaly in a sleeping pod on a spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet causes one passenger to wake up 90 years early.

The Best Movies Like G-Loc

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like G-Loc, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to G-Loc.

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