5 Movies Like Driven To Watch

Best Movies Like Driven

Here is our list of Movies like Driven that we are sure you will enjoy. suspenseful thriller with a collision between politicians, big business, and drugs.

Driven Related Movies List

The Infiltrator

Year: 2016

Director: Brad Furman

A Pablo Escobar-related money laundering plan is uncovered by a U.S. Customs official.


Year: 2012

Director: Ben Affleck

During the 1979 American hostage crisis in Iran, a CIA agent undertakes a risky operation to rescue six Americans in Tehran while posing as a Hollywood director looking for a site for a science fiction movie.


Year: 2016

Director: Benedict Andrews

Jean Seberg, a pioneer of the French New Wave, was inspired by actual occurrences in his life. She was a target of Hoover’s FBI in the late 1960s due to her political and romantic ties to civil rights activist Hakim Jamal.

The Devil’s Double

Year: 2011

Director: Lee Tamahori

a terrifying glimpse of Saddam’s home. Through the perspective of the man who was given the option to either become the double for Saddam’s sadistic son or perish, the world of Hussein is brought to life.

The Pirates of Somalia

Year: 2017

Director: Bryan Buckley

In 2008, aspiring journalist Jay Bahadur devises a hastily thought-out strategy to blend in among the Somalian pirates. In the end, he is successful in giving readers the first detailed view of these men’s personalities, daily lives, and motivations.

The Best Movies Like Driven

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like Driven, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to Driven.

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