5 Movies Like Dark Cloud To Watch

Best Movies Like Dark Cloud

Here is our list of Movies like Dark Cloud that we are sure you will enjoy. In the aftermath of a horrific accident, a woman is voluntarily rehabilitated with artificial intelligence.

Dark Cloud Related Movies List

The Maze Runner

Year: 2014

Director: Wes Ball

Having lost his memory, Thomas is dropped into a community of boys who are all trapped in a maze. In order to escape, Thomas must join forces with fellow “runners.”


Year: 2022

Director: Haresh Narayan, K. Hari Shankar

A pregnant woman named Yashodha is advised to follow a few guidelines regarding her physical and mental health. A set of events, however, forces Yashoda to live on the edge, putting her well-being at risk.


Year: 2014

Director: Christopher Nolan

To ensure humanity’s survival, explorers travel through a wormhole in space.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Year: 2016

Director: Gareth Edwards

During a time of conflict, a group of unlikely heroes band together to steal the Death Star plans, the Empire’s ultimate weapon.


Year: 2021

Director: Denis Villeneuve

The heir of a noble family becomes troubled by visions of a dark future while embroiled in a war for control of the galaxy’s most valuable asset.

The Best Movies Like Dark Cloud

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like Dark Cloud, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to Dark Cloud.

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