5 Movies Like Dangerous Minds to Watch

5 Movies Like Dangerous Minds to Watch

Best Movies Like Dangerous Minds



Here is our list of movies like Dangerous Minds that we are sure you will enjoy. About Dangerous Minds An ex-marine, Louanne Johnson teaches in an urban high school in a poor neighborhood. The couple recently separated.


Dangerous Minds Related Movies List


Freedom Writers

Year: 2007

Director: Richard LaGravenese

The year is 1994 in Long Beach, California. The idealistic Erin Gruwell is just beginning her teaching career as a freshman and sophomore English teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School, which had initiated a voluntary integration program two years earlier.

Lean on Me

Year: 1989

Director: John G. Avildsen

As principal of the idyllic high school from which he was earlier dismissed, an arrogant and unorthodox teacher discovers it to be a den of drug abuse, gang violence, and urban despair.

Coach Carter

Year: 2005

Director: Thomas Carter

Having accepted the job of head basketball coach for his old high school in Richmond, CA in 1999, Ken Carter sets about changing the attitudes as well as the play of his players.

Stand and Deliver

Year: 1988

Director: Ramón Menéndez

Jaime Escalante is a mathematics teacher in a school in a Hispanic neighbourhood. Convinced that his students have potential, he adopts unconventional teaching methods help gang members and no-hopers pass the rigorous Advanced Placement exam in calculus.

Take the Lead

Year: 2006

Director: Liz Friedlander

Pierre Dulaine sees a black teenager vandalizing the car of a director of a public school in New York and decides to teach dance to give students respect, dignity, self-confidence, trust, and teamwork.

The Best Movies Like Dangerous Minds


I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like Dangerous Minds, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to Dangerous Minds.


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