5 Movies Like Bull To Watch

Best Movies Like Bull

Here is our list of Movies like Bull that we are sure you will enjoy. Bull returns home after a ten-year absence to seek revenge on those who double-crossed him.

Bull Related Movies List

Gunned Down

Year: 2017

Director: Mark McQueen

After a London heist, Jack’s dad’s murdered and the money’s gone. Retribution is what Jack wants.


Year: 2015

Director: Ray Burdis

Angel, a woman who was horribly abused by her grandmother as a little girl and institutionalized after killing her, embarks on a killing spree as an adult. Despite being sentenced to an insane asylum for the rest of her life, she was released under government pressure while being pronounced dead to avoid public outrage.

The Line

Year: 2017

Director: Peter Bebjak

There are borders you cross only once… Criminal thriller about traffickers and smugglers from Ukrainian border. This feature film explores the life on the edge of borders.

Fatal Intuition

Year: 2015

Director: Yoon Joon-Hyeong

A man tries to find the killer of his sister and wants to take revenge. Therefore, he needs the help of a medium.

The Heavy

Year: 2009

Director: Marcus Warren

During a routine hit, “Boots” Mason (Gary Stretch) learns a hit has been placed on his own life when a crooked cop, Dunn (Vinnie Jones), tries to kill him. While seeking his revenge, secrets kept hidden are exposed and no innocent bystander is safe as bullets fly. There is no one you can trust in this world.

The Best Movies Like Bull

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like Bull, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to Bull.

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