5 Inspirational Movies That Every Student Must Watch

Inspirational movies help every student, at some point in their lives, when feeling flawed and having a life of suffering. That is precisely when they need the most motivation to get themselves out of their misery. While diligence, perseverance, and devotion are all critical success factors, individuals usually overlook the importance of motivation.

Inspirational Movies

No matter your age, these five movies could never fail to inspire, motivate, and lift you when you feel like giving up.

1.  Lean On Me

The content of this film is based on actual events. In this dramatized biography, Morgan Freeman takes the starring role. After being removed from his position as principal of a high school where he previously taught, an unusual teacher returns to the school only to realize that it has lost its luster. The most critical takeaway from Lean On Me is the critical need for great leadership. Even in a classroom context, a leader is required. Inspiration is also needed in life throughout the academic career, as most students feel prostrated due to the huge burden of academic work. To cope with the issue and keep the students motivated, works in a professional way to resolve the issue. The story centers on Joe Clark, a New Jersey high school superintendent who was instrumental in reviving a failing institution. While Joe was first rude and criticized his staff, he developed into a strong leader capable of developing connections with both teachers and students.

2.  The Blind Side

Leigh Anne Tuohy and her husband Sean adopt Michael Oher, an impoverished black child.  Tuohy offers a nurturing atmosphere for Oher and even hires a tutor to aid him in improving his academic performance so that he may reach his full potential. Under their instruction, Oher matures into a potential NFL player.

Numerous lessons may be derived from this movie, but perhaps the most crucial ones are that you could always achieve your goals if you set your focus on them and that you must always be ready to aid others while they’re in distress.

3.  The Great Debaters

Another movie is based on a true story. Denzel Washington directed and starred in the movie, which was produced by Oprah Winfrey. Melvin Tolson, the lecturer who inspired his students to compete against Harvard in the national debate championships, inspired the whole movie, which is based on a true story. As a learner, you must watch The Great Debaters since the story may inspire children to work more in class and push their friends to reach their full potential. Naturally, this wonderful narrative also has a bright instructor who inspires his students to strive for even higher heights.

4.  The Social Network

While Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, are brands, few people are aware of how Mark came to found Facebook. The Social Network chronicles Mark Zuckerberg’s incredible development from Harvard dropout to multi-billionaire via the creation of Facebook, the world’s biggest social networking site. This is a movie that everyone, particularly students, should watch. Like many other educational movies, this movie inspires you to chase your dreams and follow your heart. You cannot accumulate millions of friends without encountering a few adversaries, the film’s renowned tagline proclaims.

5.  Freedom Writers

Freedom Writers is a must-see movie for students who want to be inspired. A young teacher encourages her troublesome students to pursue their studies beyond high school in this movie. To look at it another way, the movie illustrates a variety of difficulties encountered by the main actor or teacher in her professional and personal life. Despite these obstacles, the teacher continued to assist and push her students to attain professional success. The movie communicates both an inspirational message and a lesson about the difficulties of living a complete life. It is a wonderful film that is inspiring for both teachers and students.


For the majority of people, stressful emotions are tough to overcome. Inspirational movies are important as some kind of rehabilitation for coping with bad sentiments. Individuals that are stressed out might just have difficulty when expressing themselves emotionally.

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