5 Industries Likely to Thrive After Brexit

5 Industries Likely to Proper after Brexit

5 Industries likely to thrive after Brexit – After Brexit, I saw a lot in news about some voters thinking they have made a mistake. They are unsure of the decision they consciously made. Some have gone to the extent of petitioning for a new referendum. The petition has so far been ruled out.

There also reports that more countries such as the Netherlands and Germany will follow Brexit. In fact, Angela Merkel is facing high tension as she is asked not to be arrogant and call for a referendum. Also, the Dutch have jumped in, calling for Nexit after Brexit.

But Brexit brings with it new opportunities for the UK. Here are the 5 industries that are likely to thrive outside the EU.

Management consulting – 5 Industries Likely to Thrive After Brexit

Many large companies CEOs are in search for answers on the business implication of Brexit. The strategy department is on the lookout for information so as to adjust its 5–year roadmap. It is times such as these that consultants come in handy. The top 3 consultants in Britain are Bain, BCG and McKinsey. These will be on their toes for quite some time now, keeping the clients updated. The London-based consultants are going to be busy for quite some time now.

Recruitment Agencies – 5 Industries likely to thrive after Brexit

When people are fired, more hiring is needed, unless machines take complete charge of the job. Rumour has it that Morgan Stanley will experience a job cut. The primary benefactor in such a situation will be Frankfurt and Dublin. Dublin will benefit due to its proximity to London and the English speaking country. Frankfurt is favoured by Germany’s less stringent labour laws. There is going to be a boom in local and international recruitment agencies.

Currency Traders – 5 Industries likely to thrive after Brexit

Before sunshine, there is a dawn. This is a chain that mother-nature seems to have brilliantly observed on a daily basis. The same can be pictured in the case of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. Of course things aren’t so rosy at the moment, with the pound plunging low. This is a dawn that will soon give way for sunshine. But still in the midst of all that, there is an opportunity for a business boom. No matter what happens between the EU and UK, the money will still move between Europe and the United Kingdom. A currency trader never fails to clip some of that cash. The currency trader will most definitely be excited when they multiply this clip and the volume of trade.

Options Traders – 5 Industries Likely to Thrive After Brexit

Before I say anything here, be keen and read to the end. When the financial market is in turmoil, the options traders will always emerge at the top of everything. By deploying a good strategy, they can never lose out any money – whether stocks drop or rise. But as I said at the start, you need to be cautious. Options trading are a risky venture. You better get done with some books first.

Travel & Tourism – 5 Industries Likely to Thrive After Brexit

Currency all over the world is sharply declining, not just the GBP. The Airfares have in recent times favoured the traveller due to low oil prices. Those who have not lost money will use this golden opportunity and visit Big Ben or Stonehenge.

Mayor Industry set for huge growth post Brexit

UK fishing industry set for huge global domination

UK to Rebuild Royal Navy – Defend the Realm

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