5 Historical Sites In Australia For First-Time Visitors

Australia is the home of cultural diversity and rich history with an unparalleled art and architecture scene. You’ll be immersed in its beauty and get to discover more about Australia’s history.

According to Melbourne Tours, booking tours allows you to see as many places as possible. It also means your day is fully packed, maximizing your stay. Also, it’s way more organized and safer, especially if you’re a solo traveler.

If you’re looking for a sign to visit the land down under, this is it. Here’s a list of historical sites to visit:

5 Historical Sites In Australia For First-Time Visitors

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is by far one of the most famous buildings in Australia. You may have seen this on postcards and desktop wallpapers. The moment you enter the historic building, you might find yourself in awe as you take a closer look at its one-of-a-kind architecture.

Furthermore, if you wish to see any of the shows, you need to book the tickets in advance as they get sold out immediately. Additionally, you may let Last Minute Day Tours and others take care of everything for you. Their shows include musical plays, comedies, contemporary concerts, symphony orchestras, and broadways, among others.

Aside from seeing their shows, you can wine and dine in Bennelong. Their premier restaurant gives an exceptional dining experience with world-class chefs cooking your meals.

Australian Parliament House

The Parliament House symbolizes Australia’s colonial authority and civil development. This is where you can witness elected politicians’ debate on current issues. They’re open on weekdays. However, you’d have to book a tour in advance and check their calendar for non-sitting days.

You can visit both chambers on non-sitting days. You’ll also find a collection of Australian art, architecture, tapestries, and historical treasures in their gallery exhibits.

If you’re interested to know more about Australia’s politics, you may visit the Parliament shop. They sell political-themed books and coffee mugs.


Sovereign Hill

Take a trip down memory lane in Australia’s internationally acclaimed outdoor museum: Sovereign Hill. They’re open every day except Mondays. Feel free to check out their website for more information.

During the day, visitors travel back in time to find real gold by the creek. And at night, there will be a sound and light show and space exploration while gazing upon the night sky. Their activities include exhibits about the history of Sovereign Hill, an underground gold mine tour, and carriage rides around Main Street.


Adelaide Oval

The Adelaide Oval is an excellent place for both sports and non-sports enthusiasts. This is where they hold games like football and cricket, as well as major events such as concerts and other functions.

They offer a ninety-minute tour twice a day. In the tour, you’ll learn about Adelaide Oval’s history and see their memorabilia collection and the inside of the old scoreboard. They’ve been using the same one for more than one hundred years. You’d also visit the field, stadium, corporate boxes, premium bars, and function rooms. You might even see players train before the big game if you’re lucky.

Other activities you can do at the Adelaide Oval include the following:

  • Climb The Roof Of Adelaide Oval

If you’re not afraid of heights, this activity will be enjoyable. The climbs are done during the day. You have the option to climb up during the game day. Additionally, you can do yoga on the rooftop.

  • Go To The Bradman Museum

You can go through Sir Donald Bradman’s collection and check out their interactive exhibits for free. However, you’re not allowed to take photos.

  • Book A Room At The Oval Hotel

If you wish to be early during the big game or concerts, booking a room at the Oval Hotel is a good option.

  • Eat At The Oval Hotel

The hotel comes with three different restaurants: Bespoke Wine Bar And Kitchen, Five Regions Restaurants, and Koffee Ink Cafe for you to dine in.


Fremantle Prison

The Fremantle Prison is included in the World Heritage List. This maximum-security prison housed enemy aliens, convicts, war, and colonial prisoners. However, it closed due to inmate riots and poor prison conditions. The prisoners were eventually transferred to Casuarina Prison. Visitors can enter the gatehouse for free. They can go to cafés, gift shops, and museums. Other tour packages have different fees depending on the chosen activity. 

These are the tours you can choose from:

  • Torchlight Tours. This tour isn’t for the faint of heart as it’ll be about the inmates’ stories of the execution, pain, and suffering.
  • Behind Bars. Visitors can experience what it’s like to be behind bars as they explore the exercise yards and cell blocks and learn about the prisoner’s daily routine. 
  • Convict Prison. It’s about the history from the prison’s construction to its closure. This tour involves a lot of stairs.
  • Tunnel Tours. Visitors can explore the underground labyrinth tunnels filled with blast holes and artifacts via boat ride and on foot.
  • True Crime. This tour talks about stories of inmates: serial killers, murderers, and bank robbers.



Take a break from your beach trip and book a tour. Explore and find out more about the history of Australia. The tours will surely be fun-filled and educational. Thus, put your game face on and be open to all sorts of activities included in the tour package.

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