5 Highest Grossing Tamil Movies of all Time

Highest Earning Tamil Movies of All Time

In this list, we discuss the top 5 highest-grossing Tamil films throughout history. Kollywood is one of the major south Indian film production industries and produces many blockbusters every year. Top 5 grossing Tamil films are dominated by Rajinikanth and Thalapathy Vijay, who appear in most films.

Big Money Tamil Movies

2.0 (2018)

Worldwide Gross : ₹850 crores

Dr Vaseegaran summons his trusted robot Chitti after mobile phones start mysteriously disappearing from hands in Chennai, in order to ward off the bird-like supernatural powers of Pakshirajan.

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Bigil (2019)

Worldwide Gross : ₹310 crores


Former football players struggle to train a women’s football team and atone for the death of their father.

Enthiran (2010)

Worldwide Gross : ₹290 crores

The robot is created by a brilliant scientist to defend mankind, but things go wrong when human emotions are inserted, causing the robot to switch sides.

Kabali (2016)

Worldwide Gross : ₹286 crores

Following his release from prison, a gangster tries to protect his family.

Sarkar (2018)

Worldwide Gross : ₹276 crores

A NRI businessman discovers his vote was cast by someone else and decides to investigate, ultimately finding himself in the middle of a political battle between two corrupt individuals.

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Tamil Box Office Collection Records

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