5 Habits of Charming People to Make a Great First Impression

6 Tips by Livebeam

When you meet someone for the first time, it takes them only about 3 seconds to create their first impression about you. You’re evaluated by what you wear, what you do, how you speak, and so on. These factors and a lot more determine how a person sees you and, eventually, will relate to you in the long run.

In a strong attempt to prevent you from giving someone a bad impression about you or not making the greatest first impression you’d have loved, these tips brought to you by Livebeam will help you prepare ahead. Some of these tips might be new to you while you need to work on perfecting others. Follow us closely as we show you ways to charm people the first time they meet you.

1. Make eye contact 

This is usually one of the hardest steps to follow as a shy, introverted person who is meeting someone for the first time at a social event, meeting, or anything that takes them out of their house. It’s harder for you if you’re going for an interview as well and you’re trying not to be nervous. It is, however, imperative that you endeavor to make eye contact with whomever you’re meeting with to give a good impression and show them how confident you are. 

Some people may consider it rude when you don’t look them straight in the eye while talking with them, others may consider it a sign of weakness. So, to avoid any speculations or misinterpretation of any sort, practice the habit of maintaining good eye contact. Focus on different parts of their face and shift your focus every other second so it doesn’t seem like you’re staring directly – find a perfect balance between staring and making eye contact. It’s a great way to show your self-confidence and command your presence as well.

2. Look good

You can’t afford to blow up your chances of leaving a good first impression by not looking your best. Your appearance is a major determinant of how a person perceives you when they meet you. People read you from what you wear and how you look. Something as little as an unpolished shoe can give off what you’re not intending. You can avoid this by planning ahead of time and making sure to look as presentable as possible. 

Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure you look clean and presentable:

  • brushing your hair
  • brushing your teeth 
  • wearing well-ironed clothes
  • smelling good, etc.

You don’t need to break the bank to look good, you only need to look smart and comfortable with what you’re wearing. This doesn’t exclude the way you look in your social media profile pictures. Use your best pictures as your display pictures on your favorite chatting platforms like Livebeam, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. The profile picture is there for a reason; to give the person you’re chatting with a mental picture of who you are and in turn, the person uses that information to process how they want to see you and relate with you.

3. Don’t be late 

The worst impression to give somebody you’re meeting for the first time is to arrive late. It’s much better to be early than to be late for a meeting or an event. Being timely when meeting someone gives the impression that you are meticulous and you value your time as well theirs. Plan ahead and ensure that you have all the necessary things you need in place. 

Whether you plan to meet virtually through a live chat on Livebeam, a video conference on Zoom, or physically in a restaurant, be sure to avoid last minute rush. You can avoid being late by:

  • having a planned schedule
  • setting alarms or reminders
  • avoiding emails or anything that might take your mind off your appointment
  • having someone remind you ahead of time

These helpful tips will ensure that you’re right on time for your next meeting.

4. Have a proper body language 

Body language, which is a nonverbal form of communication, accounts for about 55% of communication. This means that your facial expression alone as a form of body language could either work in your favor or give people the wrong impression about you. When you meet someone for the first time and you want to give a good impression, endeavor to give a charming smile, warm hug, or handshake. It sort of makes the other person relax and it shows how you’re delighted to meet them.

Some tips to take note of when you want to ensure the right body language are: 

  • nod your head to show you’re listening
  • don’t slouch or sit lazily
  • reduce shaky movements, etc. 

You can master the act of giving the right body language by being more self-aware but don’t overdo it. This is especially important if you’ve noticed how your body language has affected any of your relationships in the past. It’s good to take note of how you can improve your facial expressions, body movements, and so on. 

5. Energize and support others  

It’s a no-brainer that people are naturally attracted to positive energy. To win the hearts of people you meet for the first time, you have to be polite, have an endearing personality, and have a generally positive outlook. Politeness which is a huge part of having a positive attitude comes naturally to others while some people have to learn and practice the act. We believe Livebeam has helped a lot of people practice their politeness and master it. Whichever category of people you fall into, be sure to give that positive energy.

If you find it difficult to maintain that positivity you’re looking for, perhaps because of different reasons best known to you, try to think of times when you were genuinely happy. Those memories will help you escape from whatever negative feelings you might have at that moment. People don’t easily forget somebody who has high spirits, it leaves a remarkable memory with them. That’s the aim of ensuring that you keep your energy up and if you’re not feeling up to it, you can reschedule the meeting to a better-suited time. 

6. Practice with Livebeam (Bonus tip)

Though not exactly part of the list, here’s another helpful tip. To really master these habits, you need to put them into practice. Livebeam is a great place to do this. Platforms like Livebeam help to promote genuine conversations and real connections; in doing so, it also improves your ability to create great first impressions.

Livebeam stands out because of its structure. The communication-entertainment platform provides avenues and features to get a conversation started as well as to keep it going. You can search out your kind of people, invite them to chat, and even get a little help with the first things to say.

The Livebeam community also has its perks. It’s filled with accepting individuals who are always ready to talk. This way you can make new friends and practice your first impression skills.



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