5 Best Stoner Scenes in Film History

Since the film industry boom, weed-loving storytellers and filmmakers have wasted no time finding their niche. Classic stoner movies do a fantastic job of capturing the happiness, humour, and camaraderie that cannabis gives us.


Are you looking for a fun movie to watch while you smoke a joint and forget life’s troubles?


Keep reading as we explore some of the best stoner scenes in film history. Once you’ve found the one you want to watch, why not order a pack of hybrid marijuana seeds to start growing at home? Find the perfect strain for you, and it’ll be ready to harvest in just a few weeks.


Ready to laugh until your stomach hurts? Let’s start with one of the most iconic scenes from a movie that every stoner should know. 


1. Hotboxing With Cheech and Chong


Cheech and Chong are two of the most famous stoner characters in movies. Nearly everyone has heard of the weed-loving duo, who’ve significantly impacted the American cannabis market.


Their debut movie Up in Smoke is full of marijuana references, but perhaps the funniest moment is the car scene. During their road trip across Los Angeles, they decide to light up a massive joint that Cheech likens to a “quarter pounder.” 


What’s unique about this scene isn’t just the colossal joint. The pair perfectly captures the humour and friendship of smoking weed together. It’s filled with memorable quotes and funny anecdotes that people will remember for the rest of time.


Learn how to smoke a joint like the legends Cheech and Chong. It may not be the size of a quarter pounder, but you can still enjoy it at home. Don’t be like them and drive while stoned, though.


2. Scary Movie’s Ghostface and Shorty


Scary Movie came out in July 2000 and is still one of the most revered parody movies. It was a spoof on popular horror movies from that time featuring the comedic Wayans Brothers, who also wrote the film. 


Remember the Scary Movie weed scene? 


There were a few, but the most notable one is where a group of friends is getting baked together. In a serious voice, Shorty (Marlon Wayans) repeats the famous line from The Sixth Sense, “I see dead people.” As it turns out, he doesn’t; he’s just as high as a kite.


Shorty starts looking for something he can use as a bong before the killer, Ghostface, appears. In an unexpected turn of events, instead of murdering everyone, the Scream character gets high with them. An epic rap battle ensues, and the characters even use a fish tank as a bong.


A notable mention is the Scary Movie joint scene from the sequel, which came out in 2001. We find out Shorty is growing weed plants in his room. Much to his dismay, his beloved herbs come alive. We see a giant marijuana bud pick Shorty up, roll him into a blunt, and smoke him!


You’re missing out if you haven’t watched any of the Scary Movie films yet. We guarantee they’ll have you rolling on the floor with laughter. 


3. The Trifecta Joint From Pineapple Express


Pineapple Express is a real strain inspired by this stoner comedy of the same name. In the film, Seth Rogen’s character Dale pairs up with James Franco’s Saul for the ultimate buddy adventure.


In one scene, Saul introduces Dale to “the apex of the vortex of joint engineering.” He explains that lighting the three-pronged blunt “creates a trifecta of joint-smoking power.” They proceed to enjoy it together before getting caught up in a larger plot involving drug dealers and hitmen.


Pineapple Express will likely go down as one of the best classic stoner movies in history. We love the characters of Dale and Saul, and they certainly know how to host a celebration. After you’ve watched the movie, why not throw a weed party with your friends?


4. Ted, the Stoner Teddy Bear


Who wouldn’t want to get stoned with their teddy bear? This Seth MacFarlane comedy follows Mark Wahlberg’s character John and his magical talking toy, Ted. We follow the pair as they grow up and face challenges in life while staying true to the meaning of friendship.


At one point in the film, the unlikely buddies smoke a bong using a strain called Mind Rape. Despite the name, Ted reassures John, “It’s actually pretty mellow.” They proceed to talk about life, relationships, and everything in between.


If you’re a fan of Family Guy and American Dad, you’ll enjoy Ted. The sequel didn’t receive many favourable reviews, but it’s still a fun comedy to watch while you’re baked.


5. Kumar’s Weed Dream


One of the most outrageous weed scenes comes from Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. In a fantasy dream sequence, Kumar meets the love of his life: a big bag of marijuana.


In his dream, he goes on dates with it, sleeps with it, and even ends up marrying it. Many people may romanticise the green herb, but this guy put us to shame with his fantasy. It’s almost as good a love story as one of these must-read romance novels.


There have been two other Harold and Kumar movies that continue the escapades of the beloved stoner pair. They’re a must-watch on a night in with your favourite strain.


Beat the Blues With a Stoner Film

They say the best medicine is laughter. Some say it’s marijuana. What if you pair the two?


Weed-smoking movies celebrate the joys of the good herb and pay homage to its ability to bring people together. There are several other famous stoner movies, from Friday to Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Why not make a plan to watch them all?


Grab your friends, some sweet snacks, and blankets, and beat the blues with one of these classic films.

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