5 Best Similar Movies To The Raid

5 Movies To Watch If You Like The Raid

Raid is one of the famous sequels and famous as the best action film. You may also watch the action films, but Raid has a fantastic sequel that makes it the most significant movie. It features an intense atmosphere and brutal violence with complex fight sequences. Raid also showcases the grace and discipline among the actors and the martial art prowess. However, it is not only movies that provide action sequels as there are many other great options that you can enjoy.

Here is the best movie-like Raid, with a similar story sequel. If you are one of the action movie lovers, then this guide is for you.

The Night Comes For Us

The night comes for us from Indonesia, attracting an audience from other countries. You can access the movie from all over the world through Netflix. It features Joe Taslim as the criminal. He plans against his employee’s order and wants to protect the little girl’s life. The turning point in the movie takes him to a bloody night, and his bosses are also involved in planning against him. Therefore we are saying that it provides a thriller story that is way more similar to Raid. The movie gains more popularity due to the performance of all actors.


The headshot is also from the director of the movie Raid. The night comes for us and many more. Iko Uwais is one of the stars of The Raid, and he finds himself in a similar situation to Jason Bourne as his memory is lost, and he washed up on the beach with no thoughts. He has no time remembering the previous times as some bad guys start following him for a hunt. It is the whole action film and the discovery of his own identity and many more.


Dredd is a stunning movie about the cop. He comes to the trap in the high rise building crawling with low life criminals. The story plot is similar to the Raid, where he distinguishes it with the unique feature turn. The Raid is one of the ultra-violent movies where the people meet the maker in extremely gruesome fashions. However, Dredd is similar and gives a similar plot to the action movie lovers.

John Wick

John Wick is a science fiction action movie and represents the age of superheroes. The titular character has superhuman abilities and is set in the criminal underworld. The storyline is classic with the classic tale of underworld crimes. 

The audience is attracted to the John Wick movie due to its action scenes and thrilling story.


The outrage is an action film with violent entries more than the raid movie. Every second entry is brimming with the tensions and breaks up the war between the Yakuza gangs. The rivals take advantage and kill each other violently. However, the outrageous story also has some entertaining parts and the action and thrill. The directory makes it at the start of my career as a comedian. However, the criminal plot is similar to the Raid, attracting more viewers and making it popular.

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