4 Water-Based Activities To Enjoy When You Visit Australia

Australia is known for its vast range of water sports or fun water-related activities, from surfing to diving. With a dazzling coastline that stretches about 34,000 km, much of life in Australia revolves around water-related activities. Incredible beaches punctuate the coastlines with beautiful weather all year round to enjoy water sports. Any traveller to this wonder location will be spoilt for choice when looking for fun water activities. So, if you’re ready for a shot of adrenaline, here are four water-based activities to enjoy when you visit Australia.  scuba

Scuba diving

The marine world is home to so much diversity, colour, beauty, and life beyond what you can see on the blue surface. Scuba diving allows you to see and experience this richness and depth up close. Few places in the world can match Australia in terms of the magic of the underwater world. If you’re fascinated with marine life in all its forms and manifestations, scuba diving should be on your list of activities when you visit Australia. 

However, this activity requires good physical strength and deep swimming experience. But don’t let that hold you back. You can learn to scuba dive by taking courses like the PADI diving course and even get a licence to dive. This way, you can experience the underwater treat scuba diving offers when you visit Australia. 

Aqua jetpack flying 

Have you ever dreamed of flying over a mass body of water like a superhero? Make that dream come true by signing up for an aqua jetpack flying experience. It’s pretty simple; you get to strap a device to your back, press a button, and zoom above the waters. Okay, it’s not that simple, as you’ll first need some training and pass safety tests. But once you’re ready to go, few things can match the rush of adrenaline that will gush through your body. You’ve probably seen videos of others trying it out and flying like birds over the waters. You can also try it out when you visit Australia.

Stand-up paddle boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding is becoming one of Australia’s fastest-growing water sports. It involves standing, kneeling, or lying on a board of at least 30 inches and propelling forward in a water body. It could be a lake, a river or even the sea. If you’re new to the concept, you can consider stand-up paddle boarding as a marriage between kayaking and surfing. Australia has several locations perfect for this watersport. All you need is excellent body balance, but if you already have surfing or kayaking experience, that shouldn’t be a problem.

A guided whale-watching tour


Whales are some of the most magnificent deep-water creatures. And you don’t need to be a scuba diver to experience their grand beauty. You can consider going for a guided whale-watching tour and enjoy the view of these breathtaking mammals dominating the vast blue depth. Thanks to Australia’s massive coastline stretch, there is no shortage of locations to spot different species of whales. Each location may offer additional perks to make your experience even more exciting. 

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