4 Unique Things To Do In Australian Capital Territory (ACT) With Family In 2022

4 Unique Things To Do In Australian Capital Territory (ACT)With Family In 2022

If you take a trip with the family to the Australian Capital Territory ACT, you must wonder what you can do there. The Australian Capital Territory is full of unique places to visit and enjoy with your family.

Here is the list of places you can visit with your family in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) in 2022.

Australian War Memorial

The Australian war memorial is the most attractive place you can visit in the Australian capital territory. It was built in the middle of world war two in the honor and remembrance of Australian fallen heroes. It is a vast Byzantine-style monument. But when you visit it, you will see that it is more than a war memorial. The museum, records, art exhibit, and library on the property are all exceptional. When you enter the commemorative courtyard, the entrance to the memorial is a harrowing beginning. 

The name of every dead Australian soldier is present in bronze on the walls. You will be unable to read the title as the list is long. Various exhibitions outside the entryway chronicle the history of Australia’s military wars from early times to the present. The museums are constantly changing, but features provide a historic aircraft inventory and a kid-friendly Exploration Area with engaging screens.

New Parliament Building

The New Parliament Building is a contemporary architectural masterpiece. The creation of a boomerang-shaped edifice was initially to support the Provisional Parliament Building, which is well-known as Old Parliament House, at the foundation of Capitol Hill. In May 1988, a New York architect won a worldwide contest for the architecture of this new building. Rather than, the Queen officially opened this house.

You can get spectacular sights of ACT from the broad lawns promenade that serves as the rooftop. You can also notice how Parliament is in the town’s street grid center. The building’s architectural features are the two massive marble circle arches that mimic the hill’s contours.  A creation of eucalyptus forest in the entryway by 48 lighted greenish-gray marble pillars. Displays feature primary texts and recapitulate significant moments in Australian history all across public places.

Stroll around Lake Burley Griffin

Stunning Lake Burley Griffin is the core of Australia’s capital territory. It is a fantastic artificial lake that is named for the city architect. It serves as a beautiful backdrop for a variety of outdoor events. Travelers and residents visit this place on their bikes and walk along the waterfront pathways.

You can also book an evening cruise aboard the MV Southern Cross to admire the city’s glittering sparkles. It will allow you to travel around the lakeside eating delicious food.

National Gallery of Australia

The location of the National Gallery of Australia is on the banks of Lake Burley Griffin. It is Australia’s most extensive collection of art. Queen Elizabeth II dedicated the three-story cube-shaped cement complex in October 1982. It houses eleven main exhibitions on three floors and a vast Sculpture Garden, a fern garden with four seasons.

The national gallery of Australia is full of sculpture, decorative art, drawings, book illustrations, sketchbooks, photography, films, and ceramics. The numerous unique exhibitions will appeal to both locals and visitors.

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What makes Canberra unique from other places in Australia?

Canberra’s mountainous location makes it the only mainland Australian city where snow-capped mountains can be seen in winter; although snow in the city itself is rare. As the seat of the Government of Australia, Canberra is home to many important institutions of the federal government, national monuments and museums.

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