4 Impressive Movies to Watch on Apple TV+

The streaming industry has changed significantly. Years ago, there were only a few major players that offered access to their movie libraries, and the king was Netflix, of course. Nowadays, competition has reached its peak. Along with the streaming giant, other companies attract subscribers with new movies and affordable prices. 

Apple TV+ is a relatively new streaming platform with a unique strategy, according to which they will offer only original movies and series, nothing lower from that niche. Quite challenging, no? It’s also more affordable when it comes to subscription fees, compared to the competitors like Netflix and HBO Max.

Several amazing movies on Apple TV+ are worth watching. Besides being original content, those have pretty much unique scenarios, fresh ideas, and impressive casts in most cases. In this article, we have filtered out 2 movies and 2 series that you can watch on Apple TV+, being sure that these will not remind you of a movie seen years ago. Usually, Apple tries to involve several renowned actors in any movie, so the viewers’ satisfaction is even bigger. Go through the list, then enjoy our suggestions in your movie nights.


The movie, featured by Julianne Moore and Sebastian Stan, tells a story of a group of people who are very…sharp, although as in life, there is always someone sharper. Apple gives this one-sentence long description of the movie: “No one is whom they seem in this neo-noir New York City thriller of ruthless manipulations and high-stakes power games.” Max is one of the main characters who loves playing games that bring him money. What he loves are not online poker games, or casino gambling as we usually see in this kind of movie. Max’s stakes are higher, and he plays a dirty game, manipulating people and stealing their money, until someone realizes this and acts sharper than him.

Enjoy this movie with the beautiful performance of Juliann Moore, Sebastian Stan, and John Lithgow, whom you must remember from The Crown, where he was portraying Winston Churchill, the former prime minister of the UK.


The action-adventure comedy has been released this year, in April, featuring stunning Ana De Armas and talented Chris Evans. What luck to meet the girl of your dreams, and what a disappointment to find her disappeared the other day. And what a shocking surprise to find out that she is not just a pretty woman, but an agent, who drags you into her deadly life.

In Ghosted, not only is the story compelling but the actors’ performance also makes the movie valuable. There are already opinions that no matter what, only the presence of Ana De Armas and Chris Evans in this movie, is already enough to ensure a box-office attraction.


Do you remember the originality being a priority for Apple? Liaison is all about that uniqueness, being the streaming service’s first bilingual limited series. Two agents-one from the UK, and the other from France, have been lovers in the past. Now, their ways cross again with the problem that involves the governments of both countries.

The topic is very actual, showing how the digitalized world everything can go into turbulence because of cyber-attacks. Both of the governments try to get the hard drive, containing crucial information, and this is one of those times when Britain and France are not the friendliest. The story unfolds against the backdrop of a love story between Alison and Gabriel, portrayed by Eva Green and Vincent Cassel: a couple that gives an unforgettable charm to the movie.


Imagine a world where your memory is severed between work and life. So, whatever happens in life, never goes to the office with you. The workplace is only for working on…no one knows what. This mysterious drama is magnetic and mind-blowing. At first glance, everything seems foolish and meaningless, but once you keep watching it, not loving the series becomes impossible. 

You will find funny and strange workplace relations and traditions in the series. Besides, several scenes are decorated with awesome jazz music, and Apple Music has already created the full list of all the songs from Severance. 

Adam Scott, Britt Lower, Zach Cherry, John Turturro and other brilliant actors are in the crew. We strongly suggest watching the series and eagerly anticipating the release of the second season, which is already confirmed, and the shooting has already begun.

Final Thoughts

There are always good movies to watch, and what we suggest is time to time changing the streaming service you have subscribed to. It gives you access to other libraries and new movies that are created with different styles and approaches. Apple TV+ is always a good alternative if you’re looking for original content. Otherwise, check high-ranked movies and series and then decide on which platform to find them to stream or to buy.

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