3 Top Interior Design Trends from Around the Globe

Top Interior Design Trends

Renowned interior decorator David Nightingale Hicks once said: “The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” Every year anew series of interior design trends take the world by storm. While many design elements have a global appeal, tends can vary greatly from country to country. If you want to become a global interior design citizen there are a number of trends, including the following,  that you may want to take note of.   

Australians Embrace Evolved Kitchens And Natural Colours

Two interior design trends have been very popular among trendy Australian homeowners this year. Natural colours such as stone, beige, earthy browns, and soft greens reminiscent of eucalyptus leaves are featuring extensively in everything from wall paint and floor coverings to furniture and decorative elements.  What makes these hues so appealing is the fact that they are often found in nature in materials including natural stone and clay, undyed wool,  hemp, and cotton.  The typical Australian kitchen has also undergone a metamorphosis.  According to Houzz Research, kitchens are becoming increasingly contemporary featuring multi-functional spaces and personalized cabinetry. While it is easy to incorporate natural colours into your home yourself, you may want to enlist the help of professional remodeling contractors to assist with a swift and stress-free kitchen makeover.

Italy is All About Greys and Personal Touches

Grey is considered a hot colour in Italy this year with grey kitchens, in particular, trending among interior designers and homeowners alike. Even traditionalists who have held onto their wood and laminate kitchen cupboards for decades are embracing super-modern cabinetry in various shades of grey. Another top design trend involves adding carefully-curated personal touches to interior design. Every functional and decorative object in a room will have a ‘story’ behind it that evokes any of a range of feelings. These feelings can be triggered by texture, colour, and even smell. A beautiful, hand-woven rug or an exquisite piece of abstract wall art can add a much of a personal touch as a series of framed family photographs and pieces of inherited, antique furniture can.

Bold Colours and Velvet Upholstery Are Taking South Africa by Storm

A number of global interior design trends have reached South African shores this year. Velvet has made a huge comeback and is being featured extensively in furniture upholstery.  It is particularly popular in the bedroom where a plush, velvety headboard can add a touch of sensuality to the boudoir. Large, velvet rugs in shades of burgundy and teal are also skyrocketing in popularity among South African designers and trendy home proprietors. Eye-catching colours are another interior design craze taking South Africa by storm. Rich hues of ruby reds, sapphire blues, sunny yellows, emerald greens are being layered with geometric shapes, and animal print to create bold contrasting vistas. These colour combinations are used in curtains, wall paints, furniture, and decorative elements.

Regardless of where you find yourself in the world, you are bound to come across a number of exciting interior design trends.  If you really want to establish yourself as a global design citizen you can effortlessly mix and match various design elements for an eclectic, creative ambiance. 

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