3 Perks of Streaming Movies and TV Series Through Netflix

Watching and streaming different movies and TV shows are excellent entertainment methods. Especially when you have the perfect home theater setup and all the free time after a busy day, doing this as a family and close friends is an affordable and comfy bonding experience. To attain the best movie night experience, you must find the perfect streaming platform, and one of them is Netflix. 

Netflix is a famous and prestigious online streaming platform launched in 1997. It became a household name when it reached a worldwide setting. International movies and TV shows are also included to accommodate diversity. Plus, Netflix’s promotions for their original shows are out of this world. You can also get free Netflix from a free 30-day trial or a borrow option from a friend. So why not make this your streaming platform at home? 

1. Affordable Plans and Free Access 

One of the reasons why so many families choose Netflix is because it is easy to access. This streaming platform offers different payment plans that families can include in their budget, especially if they love to watch shows often. Individual device access costs $9.99. The standard access allows two-device access costs $15.59, and the premium plan costs $19.99 with Ultra HD viewing. 

There are also ways to access Netflix for free, but they are usually just temporary. But it might motivate you to avail the Netflix plans once you are satisfied with the streaming platform. You can always avail Netflix’s free 30-day trial or sign up as a new user. Anyone can also borrow Netflix from a family member or friends, so it is essential to be trustworthy and responsible.  

2. Netflix Has a Wide Genre of Films and TV Shows

It is nice to see that Netflix has a variety of films and TV shows that can accommodate almost everyone’s personal preferences in shows. Even your parents and grandparents can use this streaming platform because they have classic movies like Forrest Gump, The Godfather, and Funny Girl. Netflix also has Korean dramas, Bollywood shows, Japanese Anime, and Filipino films that everyone can enjoy thanks to different language subtitles. Almost every movie that you are looking for is on Netflix. Fortunately, they are easy to find, thanks to their organized list.  

If you want to take a break from fictional movies and TV series, you can also watch documentaries. The ones on Netflix are some of the most exciting and must-watch documentaries. There are different true crime shows like Evil Genius, mysteries, Ted Bundy tapes, and many more. 

There is also a channel made special for children. The Kids’ TV by Netflix is filtered with only education shows and cartoons. Your kids can enjoy Cocomelon, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, Peppa, and shows that kids will enjoy and learn from. 

3. Stream Online Together

Since the pandemic, we must admit that being apart is sad, and movie nights will lessen among friends and family. But thanks to Netflix, you can still enjoy streaming alongside your loved ones even if they are distant. The Netflix party or Teleparty is an internet browser extension where you can watch with other people online. You will never feel alone with their screens on the right side alongside the movie or TV series. The best part is that you can chat with them non-stop, talk about your insights and express your feelings to them. Everyone has access to Teleparty as long as you have a Netflix account. Another motivation to avail yourself of one. 

Special Mention: Other Awesome Streaming Platforms


Hulu is one of the youngest online streaming platforms, launched in 2007. It is an American-based streaming service from Walt Disney Company. They mostly stream other TV channels like Freeform, FX Networks, and ABC, where you can watch original series too. In 2017, they grew into streaming live TV with Hulu Live TV. It is nice to see them having 45.6 million subscribers as of 2022. 


We all know that Disney has given us a wonderful childhood filled with different movies and TV shows. Everyone has grown to love the Disney franchise, hence its expansion to Disney+. This new online streaming platform distributes shows from Marvel, Pixar, and the Star Wars franchise. They also release original films and TV series. Since 2015, they have been working hard to bring the best streaming services to families in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and other European countries. Disney Plus is now at 137.7 million subscriptions as of 2022. 

Final Thoughts 

Streaming your favorite movies and TV shows is one of the most entertaining things you can do at home, especially on a lazy day. It is also an affordable way to catch up with the latest releases on TV. Netflix is a streaming platform that all families can enjoy, and you can get it at an affordable price. If you enjoy binging, Stranger Things or Umbrella Academy will want to get the HD subscription if your budget allows it. Visit for more updates on technology and entertainment!

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