Story of Australia Unwrapped

Story of Australia Unwrapped

Bloggers learn from their and others mistakes. So, we have shared and recommend you that don’t make same mistakes as Australia Unwrapped did.

Before I share the whole story of Australia Unwrapped according to my best knowledge, I would love to tell you, why I am publishing this now.

Our only source of income was Adsense which get banned by anyway. We thought this will be temporary ban and soon we will hear a good news but now more than two weeks passed.

Meanwhile, we are planning to check ways of monetising from a blog without adsense. So, we can continue our journey. This is the reason, no more regular posts. We consider our all visitors & readers as our own family so it is our responsibility to let you know the current situation.

Furthermore, we can learn from others’ mistakes by not repeating. So, we want to share the whole story including our mistakes, internal issues, experiments and what’s not. To help you in your blogging journey.

History of Australia Unwrapped

Australia Unwrapped – A blog style website started to wrap up everything about and belongs to Australia to share a very detailed picture of Australia to outer world. The plan was making it useful for everyone whoever is interested in visiting Australia, All the planned information was as helpful for the people out of Australia as it was for the people within the Australia.

Monetising on Australia Unwrapped

Well, who don’t want appreciation? Who don’t like rewards? Or who can just invest or spend money without any outcome?

Same was the case about AU blog. The owner of the blog, Mr. David was a full-time doctor so a busy man. The blogging was a totally new thing for this man. Started as hobby but later planned to have a second source of income. He couldn’t give full time to his blog. Also, none of us can be expert of everything. Hiring someone for creating a nice looking blog means spending money on setting up blog. A nice theme purchased so more money spent. Domain and hosting costs are essential so couldn’t be denied.

Due to busy schedule of regular job, Mr. David plan to hire content writers to have a lot of content.

NOTE: This was a big initial mistake. You shouldn’t hire random cheap content writers but only quality service providers for your new blog. 

Due to so many expenses finally Mr. David turn to adsense for monetising on Australia Unwrapped. As this was our only source of income so the income was way less than our expenses, according to Mr. David.

Read about Keyword Research and Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner.

Source of Income

We heard about Affiliate Marketing too but never tried as we were well aware of adsense only and wanted to improve our income from this source only.

NOTE: Never depend on single source of income. Must increase your sources of income if expenses are increasing. 

Expenses of Australia Unwrapped

There were still so many expenses other than the initial ones such as web development/setting up blog. Such as content writing and Search Engine Optimisation etc.

Mistakes we made on Australia Unwrapped

We at Australia Unwrapped are like a small family. We fight, love and respect each other. We struggle hard to come up with stunning ideas to share. We win and we lose too.

Exactly when we started monetising, David has dream to go too high so he can generate ways of income for many people. The dream was always same, success of Australia Unwrapped.

  • Lack of planning
  • Choosing single source of income
  • Added everyone
  • Spent more than earned


#1: Lack of planning

We should always create very clear plan. Such as a blog for hobby or for earning? If for earning then what are the opportunities and threats; such as competitors, niche, teaming and  ways of income.

Also, there must be “Plan B” so if “Plan A” won’t work, you can easily try next.

#2: Single source of income

Well, this was the biggest mistake, we made and many other bloggers do the same. Never ever rely on single source of income. If you will be having multiple source of income. You will have less stress. The only headache will be fixing the poor income source but still your day to day expenses can be covered from any other source too.

Such as if you are monetising by using only adsense. And what if, some bad day (such as March 29, 2017 for us), your adsense get banned??

#3: Added everyone

This is also very common mistake. It is good to help everyone but in that case you as owner should either learn everything. Make a team and give them complete training before letting them start work. There are some newbies too, who might be honest and hardworking but what if they won’t be well aware that how a spun content can be harmful for blog?

Personally, I recommend that either hire professionals only or choose honest people and train them before adding them into team.

#4: Spent more than earned

Again, if there is good planning, then there will be less chances to lose. There must be a specified period for each plan so if desired results won’t achieved, the plan can be changed.

Sometimes, we face bad time because of not changing wrong path on time.


End Notes:

Quitting isn’t a good solution. We should learn from others’ mistakes and our own experiences. We should write new plans. Opt well researched strategies. There must be team training occasionally. Everyone if team should know the right path to follow. Having a good check on history and progress. We recommend you that don’t make same mistakes as Australia Unwrapped did.


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