Top 3 Weight loss trackers and bands in 2017
Top 3 Weight loss trackers and bands in 2017

Weight loss apps are a must thing to have in smartphone if you gained some unintentionally as weighted body increases the actual age too. But still there are choice of having additional tracker or band for weight loss.

Best Weight loss trackers and bands in 2017

It is the time we better start losing extra weight in 2017, that we can be ready to embrace new year!

Getting a fitness tracker is as important as getting a new smartphone. Thank God, days are over when tracker was considered as pedometer only. No doubt, counting the steps is still useful. Today, health trackers have become extremely sophisticated. To assist you in achieving the health goals, they collect lots of data. And the best part, they analyze what you’re doing and what you should do to stay healthier!

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Here, we have rounded up best health and fitness trackers! So, you can get the one that suits your activities best!

1- Garmin Vivosmart HR Plus

Cut to the chase, if health is your priority, Garmin is made for you!

Garmin Vivosmart HR Plus - best weight loss trackers and bands 2017

To be honest, Garmin has compromised on style for being the best tracker. It is specially designed for runners, cyclists and swimmers. Instead of design, its features seem attractive to fitness enthusiasts. In single gear, you can have the barometric altimeter, accelerometer, GPS and optical heart rate monitor. And the best part, it is water proof. You can take it up to 50 meters!

Bottomline is that Garmin is not for beginners. But if your health needs are intense and specific, get the Garmin!


2- Moov Now

Undeniably, Moov Now is the most attractive fitness band out there!

Moov Now Activity Tracker health and fitness bands 2017

Unlike traditional trackers, you can wear it on ankle or hand. The moment you put it on, it starts tracking everything. From movement to reps while doing intense workouts, everything will be analyzed!

To assist you in getting the shape, it comes with 12 guided workout routines. Moreover, there is voice coach to keep motivating you! What else you need?

3- Polar M400

Polar M400 is a unique combo of simplicity and high-end functionality. If you are seeking a proper fitness watch, M400 is a great option!

Polar M400 health and fitness weight loss trackers and bands 2017

Interestingly, it tracks your fitness during different sports. Such as yoga and swimming.

And it is water proof up to 30 meters!

Hopefully, you enjoyed our short guide on top 3 health & fitness trackers and bands for weight loss 2017. You must get one if you have set high goals for 2017!



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