Theresa May - New Year Message

Theresa May – New Year Message – #Brexit

British Prime Minister, Theresa May has chosen careful words for her New Year message 2017. Careful language chosen screams sitting on the fence, May discusses the #Brexit referendum and acknowledges that not everyone shares the same view!   One obvious immediate criticism is the fact that a remainer is now heading up the British Government and influencing the outcomes before they have even started. In fairness May has so far made it clear the UK will be leaving the European Union, however has been unwilling to discuss what form of Brexit she believes in.

Bold words where once spoken by May “Brexit means Brexit” this gave hope to many leave voters! However once those words had been digested and reflected upon, it became quite apparent that many in Government are unable or unwilling to define even roughly what Brexit is.  May’s tweet wishes us all a peaceful, prosperous and happy New Year! Well for a kick off mine will be alot happier upon the triggering of article 50 and a quick transition out of the EU and any semblance of free movement.

Theresa May – New Year Message – Video

Theresa May – New Year Message – Summary

May has once again hinted at Brexit, however it remains undefined. Her acknowledgement of the challenges the United Kingdom has faced and the promotion of union should be warmly welcomed. However what screams out in its absence is lack of a clear statement on mass and uncontrolled migration. May had an opportunity to spell out 2017 is no longer a easy ride for illegal migration, draw the UK’s battle lines within international law and empower the people of the UK to put themselves and their nation first. Overall this speech will be forgotten, as another mixed May message, lets hope our politicians improve upon this poor start to the year in quick time.

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