Theresa May and the Brexit Journey so far

Brexit Journey – Sometimes back in June 2016, Britons made a huge historical decision – exit the EU. The word that was derived to refer to this exit from the European Union was Brexit. Slogans were chanted, flags waved while despair did not fail to take root on the Remain Camp.

Theresa May became the first post-Brexit Prime Minister. She came into power with the promise that “Brexit means Brexit.” What this meant is that as much as she voted to Remain, she vowed to deliver the wishes of the voters. But what has been her Brexit journey so far? And what is the actual meaning of Brexit?

What is May’s success so far? – Brexit Journey

Brexit JourneyThree factors may be based on while describing the success of May in declining the Brexit temperatures. One of them is the fact that Brexit in its own nature is important. However, many find the topic too boring to follow. The headline slogan is “Take back control!” Yes, that is vital but to do so requires scrutinizing numerous legal outcomes and unpacking thousands of regulations.

Reason number two is that May considers the technocratic issues to be meat and drink. Her Tory supporters have constantly likened her to Margaret Thatcher. But some aspects within her character depict those of (read silently) Gordon Brown. Just like the man himself, she was successful in running a major department (the Home Office) using the top-down command strategy. She was able to master each detail and learnt how to tightly hold on to information. Theresa May thus views inscrutability to be a feature rather than a bug.

Thirdly, but of course not the final reason, is the far to which May has gone in stamping her authority on government and Brexit in general.

Her biggest win was to let three rival Brexiteers – David Davis, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson – to head the departments overseeing the process. Each one of these lacks any history of united political vision. They operate individually when it comes to politics and have regard for their own ability. Also, each runs separate institutions that will seem to be in collision with the other. (Not unless Fox’s international trade department and Davis’ Brexit negotiations fraction will see it fit to flitch staff from Johnson’s Foreign Office).

No Threats to her – Brexit Journey

The Brexit journey so far has seen Theresa May face zero threats. Her very own Foreign Secretary, Johnson, poses as her most likely rival. But as it seems, he is already within May’s bucket. On the other hand, the careers of Fox and Davis were declining. The international trade boss left office in disgrace. His counterpart stormed out of the shadow cabinet as a result of campaign over civil liberties.

It was due to their declining powers that none of them took senior positions in the Vote Leave. This in itself is important as it avails Theresa May with room to maneuver.

Briton’s idea of Brexit

Brexit JourneyWhen the referendum campaign took effect, the Brexiteers were sure of their promises. One of them was to take back control as many felt Britain had lost her earlier glory. The other was to reduce Britain’s EU spending, with it being rumored to be $462 million per year. There was also the need to scrap the value-added tax on fuel.

Little by little May is brushing these aside. She did not support the Leave camp and thus there is no obligation to stick to the pledges.

That begs the question as to what Brexit would look like. That is quite a tough aspect to comment on, considering what is happening behind scenes is anonymous.

Brexit Betrayal?  High Court ruling

Brexit Journey has hit a stumbling block and the UK people will need to decide what happens next, do they accept a watered down Brexit? Or do they fight tooth and nail to deliver the democratic vote and complete many peoples dream to once again become a sovereign nation. Snap General Election could be on its way.


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