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Apple iOS 9.1 Public Beta Version Now Available for Download

Written by Kelly Wilson


Courtesy of Apple

Apple iOS 9.1 Public Beta Version Now Available for Download:- Here is a good news for Apple fans, Apple has made beta version of iOS 9.1 available to download for the users who signed up for Apple Beta Software Program. The main update iOS 9 will be available in 3 to 4 days but Apple has wasted no time in releasing out iOS 9.1 for the beta testers. iOS 9.1 is mainly suited to the developers and we are sure developers will already be working on developing applications using the iOS 9.1 3D Touch, Live Photos and some other features. Apple iOS 9.1 beta version also includes tons of new emojis. There are so many emojis present in iOS 9.1 that you cannot figure out between old and new emojis. Well don’t worry about that, here we provide you all the new emojis present in iOS 9.1 beta version.

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