15 Stunning Beaches around Australia to Explore in 2023

Top 15 Beaches in Australia to Explore

Australia is a country known for its top tourist attractions in the world. Among its best spots are its stunning beaches. From the vast white sands, warm sunshine, and sparkling water, Australian beaches offer all that a coastal tourist would ever desire.

They have excellent surf, tourist hotspots, family-friendly locations, and romantic getaways for couples all in its beautiful landscape where you have the options for fishing, diving, surfing, or simply kicking back and relaxing. Here in this article, we have assembled the top 15 beaches in Australia to explore that is surely worth a shot while you are in Australia.

1. Bondi Beach

Bondi beach is widely recognized as the most popular beach in Australia. It is situated at 8-kilometers distance from the Sydney CBD. A short bus ride from Sydney gets you to the curved beach where you are welcomed by Surfers, sunbathers, and swimmers on your arrival.

Bondi Beach 15 Stunning Beaches around Australia to Explore in 202

Its splendid beauty has been featured in many films and TV shows. The beach comprises of various cafes and bars with high-end dining and relaxing nightlife venues. Thus, it is ideal for those who look for a soothing yet action-packed holiday.

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2. Whitsundays

The Whitsundays is among the most iconic beach destinations in Australia, that you must visit at least once when in Australia. In this region, you can either visit one of the area’s islands, for instance, the Hamilton island or you can stay on the coast locations like Airlie Beach.

The Airlie beach acts as a gateway between the Whitsundays beach and the Great Barrier Reef. This is a much economical choice than staying on the island. This town is best known for its fun environment and nightlife joys.

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3. Noosa

You can find Noosa at the north and distance of 130-kilometres from Brisbane, along the coast of Sunshine. This beautiful site is an ideal place to visit for beach-lovers.

Noosa 15 Stunning Beaches around Australia to Explore in 202

It has a vibrant marine life with surfing, swimming, and fishing opportunities to keep you convinced. Moreover, in close vicinity to the beach, there is the town of Mooloolaba for those who prefer a quieter and relaxing stay in the area.

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4. Byron Bay

The Byron Bay is situated on the New South Wales coast. It was once a tiny hippie town that was later grown into a famous joy destination for tourists and beach-lovers. The town is located on the easternmost region of the Australian mainland. Also, it is home to some fascinating water, beaches, sand, surf, and cafes.

Apart from lying underneath the warm Australian sun on the sand or watching waves, you can also go for scuba diving, surfing, trekking along the walking tracks or have a table at one of the modern bars and cafes of the town.

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5. Port Douglas

To the north of Queensland and on the Coral Sea, there is the town of Port Douglas situated on the seaside. The famous seaside area has a good reputation due to the numerous perks it offers to its visitors. Its chain of high-end beach resorts makes it a perfect spot for spending holidays in a relaxing manner.

Nature, Australia, Port Douglas 15 Stunning Beaches around Australia to Explore in 202

Furthermore, the lovely town consists of several restaurants, boutiques and the splendid beach extending over to four miles. Travellers also have the option to visit the Daintree National Park in close vicinity to the town.

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6. Lorne

Lorne is easily among Victoria’s top beach destinations. The fascinating seaside town is situated along the popular Great Ocean Road and depicts beautiful picturesque scenery.

Lorne, Beach, Sunrise, Geology, Cloud 15 Stunning Beaches around Australia to Explore in 202

This location is perfect for those who seek an escape from all the hustle while not venturing too far off the track. The Lorne provides all the wonders needed in a great beach including the convenience of cafes, bars, and restaurants.

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7. Fraser Coast

Travellers looking for more of commercialized coastal areas must need to check-out the Fraser Coast. It is located to the north of Brisbane at a distance of 250-kilometres. The region is well-known for its limited crowd, vast marine life, warm waters, and beautiful beaches. 

Ship, Wreck, Fraser, Island, Sky, Sand 15 Stunning Beaches around Australia to Explore in 202

Moreover, the magnificent Fraser island also needs to be visited. It is known as the largest sand island in the world with a 75-mile beach known as Australia’s best.

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8. Sorrento

Sorrento is situated on the Port Phillip’s shores on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. It is a popular beachside town and one of the most preferred getaway spots of the state. From the South of Melbourne, it is only at a distance of one and a half-hour drive. 

Along with its waterfront and magnificent beach, there is a chain of shops, restaurants, bars, historic hotels, and cafes. Apart from exploring its charming sights, you can also go surfing, swimming, fishing, and sailing.

9. Burleigh Heads

Located on the Gold coast, Burleigh Heads is another location in Australia where you’ll find the country’s top beaches. The splendidly beautiful spot is a great option for all including tourists, families, friends, and couples.

Kids can enjoy wandering around at the beach and exploring the area’s wildlife. Meanwhile, adults will enjoy the site’s lovely scenery, walking tracks, and the surf.

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10. Margaret River

If you seek a relaxing beach holiday with some extra perks then Margret River located in Western Australia is the perfect spot for you. To the south of Perth, this small town features a breath-taking coast with stunning beaches and surfing opportunities.

It also provides craft breweries, wineries, and splendid boutiques. Moreover, Margret river features an excellent walking trail. The track extends over in between the lighthouses in the south and north of the town. 

11. Broome

Located in Western Australia’s Kimberley region is the beach resort town of Broome. The area extends along the coastline of the Indian Ocean and is home to the Cable Beach with its 22-kilometres long region of white sand.

Among the various adventurous activities to do in Broome while on vacation are the camel rides and exploring the dinosaur tracks in the nearby area of Gantheaume point. 

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12. Jervis Bay

Among the best beach holiday spots in Australia is the Jervis Bay. South Coast of the New South Wales is the home to 102-square kilometres bay with a splendid beachfront.

It is also the home to the Hyams Beach with the reputation of having the whitest sand in the world. The captivating scenery and the beautiful sunset are the main reason to visit this site.

13. Robe

The South Australian Robe region is a perfect romantic getaway spot and a good choice for couples. You have the option to din on its delicious seafood, enjoying clifftop walks, and exploring the unique architecture of the town.

Furthermore, you can shop at your favourite boutiques in its high-end shopping malls. For soothing relaxed sensation, you can head over to its beautiful beaches and enjoy sunbathing on its sand. Anyways, you stay in Albany is sure to be a memorable one.

14. Albany

Albany is one of the oldest settled towns in Australia and also happens to be among the best beach holiday sites. The town hails from the Great Southern Region of WA and is to the North of Perth at a distance of 5-hour drive.

It is a fascinating coastal area with beautiful landscapes, amazing scenery, and historical attractions. Moreover, Albany is also the top whale-watching spot of Australia.

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15. 1770(Seventeen Seventy)

1770 or seventeen seventy is a town located in Queensland Gladstone Region. Its name comes from the year when James Cook first landed in this area. This spot is ideal for a beach vacation and history lovers as well. 

Its nature-filled diverse environment provides a relaxing experience for its visitors. You can either simply lye on the beach, explore its national parks or head over to the nearby island and for diving. Whatever you do, it is worth your time and happiness.

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