13 Famous Sayings On Strength

Motivational Sayings On Strength

Here are my favorite 13 quotes or sayings on Strength be sure to comment at the end with your favorite:


“Feeling too much is a hell of a lot better than feeling nothing.”― Nora Roberts


“In order to protect ourselves, we must live like doctors and be continually treating ourselves with reason.”― Musonius Rufus


“For those who follow nature, everything is easy and straightforward, whereas for those who fight against her life is just like rowing against the stream.” – Seneca


“We’re never unhappy until we remember why we’re supposed to be unhappy.”― Daniel V Chappell


“All vices are at odds with nature.” – Seneca


“Many are the things that have caused terror during the night and been turned into matters of laughter with the coming of daylight.”― Seneca


“The most common act of violence is the relentless mental violence we perpetrate upon ourselves with nothing other than our thoughts.” – Bill Madden “Change: nothing inherently bad in the process, nothing inherently good in the result.”― Marcus Aurelius


“Our efforts do not owe us our desired outcomes.”― Mokokoma Mokhonoana


“When pain comes, it must not derail you from your set virtues. If it does, you have failed to practice your virtues by going with the hype of pain.”― Tiisetso Maloma


“Never say that I have taken it, only that I have given it back.” – Epicurus


“No man is good by chance. Virtue is something which must be learned.”― Seneca


“You have two essential tasks in life: to be a good person and to pursue the occupation that you love. Everything else is a waste of energy and a squandering of your potential.”― Ryan Holiday


“For I am not everlasting, but a human being, a part of the whole as an hour is a part of the day. Like an hour I must come, and like an hour pass away.”― Epictetus


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