10 Reasons to Vote Remain – Brexit

10 Reasons to Vote Remain

10 Reasons to Vote Remain – The British Exit from the European Union is about national sovereignty, independence and self-determination. As a people, the British have only one sane choice come June 23 2016. The right choice is to Vote Leave and secure our future, an independent trading nation with huge Commonwealth and international ties.

So I know to give you 10 Reasons to Vote Remain – Oh wait there are none, that’s right a big fat zero! However, let’s take a look at 10 reasons to Vote Leave and hopefully anyone other than the self-serving elites can be convinced that Brexit is in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’s best interest.

Reason 1

Trade Partners

UK trade with the European Union is a small percentage of UK trade overall. A Brexit will enable us to re-engage with the world, sell British good and services without the hindrance of the EU.

Reason 2

United UK

The UK set to boom post Brexit, as a nation we will be stronger, a clear national identity and true British grit.

Reason 3


The TIPP negotiation will destroy our NHS, yet the EU discussed it behind closed doors. The EU is not transparent or accountable.

Reason 4


The UK is a goldmine for the EU, they are the ones who will be desperate to trade with us not the other way around.  The 10% WTO tax Cameron was banging on about works both ways, we will make a huge gain from leaving.

Reason 5


Make no mistake with 12 years of a Vite Remain huge chunks of the NHS will fall into private hands. We can stop the destruction of the NHS by Voting Leave.

Reason 6


UK waters control nearly 70% of Europe’s fish! Imagine that as a 100% British market, a golden age of fishing will return. Sustainable British fishing industry, with ethical management wonderful for nature and wonderful for the UK.

Reason 7


The UK is a powerful nation, we are already members of all the organizations that count. Vote Leave June 23 and regain accountable government.

Reason 8

EU Waste

Make no mistake the EU throws are money away. Great Britain must vote to Leave and have accountability at home.

Reason 9


Don’t be ashamed of wanting jobs for your children. Wages are kept down by highly skilled migrant willing to work for pennies on the pound. This reduces British opportunity, only the rich benefit. Brexit will mean British jobs for British workers and hope for the youth of the UK.

Reason 10


We all know if the UK stays in the EU, eventually it will have the Euro. Hand control of your money supply over and the game is finished.

10 Reasons to Vote Remain

Therefore no possible case can be made for voting remain. Leave the EU re-engage with the world and manage migration, the UK is a wonderful place, its my home, I love her. The time is now, we must seize the initiative. Make our stand and leave the EU.

Breaks into song

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