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Ready for a laugh? I have collected from around the internet some of the funniest random jokes on Science. See below 10 side spitting (or not) jokes on science.

Science Joke 1

“Parallel lines have got so much in common.
It’s a shame they’ll never meet.”

Science Joke 2

My physics teacher told me I had a lot of potential. Then he pushed me off a roof.

Science Joke 3

“There’s incredible chemistry between me and my wife right now.
She’s currently dissolving in an oil drum filled with hydrochloric acid.”

Science Joke 4

“Following on from the discovery that it’s possible to go faster than the speed of light, scientists today found a temperature lower than Absolute Zero.
It was observed in a sausage roll from Greggs”

Science Joke 5

The guy who split the atom is probably thrilled that we use ‘sliced bread’ as our measure of greatness.

Science Joke 6

“Today during a Physics lesson I tried my best to figure out why a Black Hole is so called.
All until my mate pointed out that they steal light and matter.
Then I understood.”

Science Joke 7

“Not many people knew that Albert Einstein had a brother that an evil scientist used to experiment on.
His name was Frank Einstein”

Science Joke 8

“I’ve just bought a new fridge that chills to absolute zero.
How cool is that?”

Science Joke 9

“So they have found a new particle that travels faster than light now?
We certainly didn’t see that one coming.”

Science Joke 10

“A biologist and a physicist got married but soon had to divorce.
There was just no chemistry.”

Jokes on Science

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Kelly Wilson
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