10 Random Funny Jokes About Poem – Jokes that Ain’t Woke

Short Hilarious Random Jokes

Ready for a laugh? I have collected from around the internet some of the funniest random jokes on Poem. See below 10 side spitting (or not) jokes on poem.

Poem Joke 1

“I dig, you dig, we dig, he digs, she digs, they dig.
It’s not a beautiful poem, but it’s very deep.”

Poem Joke 2

“There once was a man called Hawking,
Who got very bored of walking,
He got on a scooter,
Attached a computer,
And now it does all of the talking.”

Poem Joke 3

“Roses are brown,
Violets are brown…
Okay, who shat in my garden?”

Poem Joke 4

“Roses are Grey, Violets are Grey.
I’m a Dog.”

Poems Joke 5

“Roses are boring,
Violets are Bland,
You’re spending Valentines,
At home with your hand.”

Poem Joke 6

Writing a break up Poem to some one. Need a line that rhymes with….”you forget to mention your trans-gender operation”.

Poem Joke 7

“I’m a man from Norfolk called Grant
my gran is also my aunt
my sister’s my mother
my uncles my brother
you try to explain it, I can’t”

Poem Joke 8

“If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
You’re probably the gunman.”

Poem Joke 9

“I had an accident, just the other day,
I had an accident, i wanted them to pay,
I had an accident, and this is what I said:
I said…….
…..ooh eeh ooh ah ah, ting tang walla walla Bing bang,
ooh reg pooh ah ah, ting tang walla walla bang bang!
At this point the officer insisted on a breathaliser test.”

Poem Joke 10

“Our stock is too low to trade-off,
My friends are about to get laid off
And the future looks grim
For those ever so dim
To invest all their money with Madoff.”

Jokes on Poem

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Kelly W
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