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Ready for a laugh? I have collected from around the internet some of the funniest random jokes on Nicknames. See below 10 side spitting (or not) jokes on nicknames.

Nicknames Joke 1

“I walked into a shop and said, “”Ten Lambert please, mate.””
The cashier said, “”It’s not mate. My name is on my badge.””
So I replied, “”Okay. Ten Lambert please, ASDA.”””

Nicknames Joke 2

“My mate insists on being called ‘N’ by everyone.
He’ll do anything to be the center of attention.”

Nicknames Joke 3

“When my son was born, I wanted to pick an unusual name, and also name him after someone famous.
He’s definitely the only SpongeBob, in his school.”

Nicknames Joke 4

“My friends called today.
Bit of a weird name if you ask me.”

Nicknames Joke 5

“Mr. and Mrs. King were in the hospital with their newborn baby.
“”What shall we name him?”” she asked.
“”How about Joseph?”” he replied.
The nurse with the birth certificate looked at the baby and said: “”You’ve got to be Joe King!””.”

Nicknames Joke 6

When my son asked me what my first nickname was I replied, ‘Scarface’. “But dad you have no scars on your face?”, “No, but I introduced your mother to my little friend”.

Nicknames Joke 7

“I’ve just found out that my ex-girlfriend’s nickname was ‘good day’.
She was had by all.”

Nicknames Joke 8

“My wife hates her new nickname. I gave it to her after that group of youths viciously attacked her lower half with large metal poles, leaving her legs useless.
Never mind, Rodney will be out the hospital soon.”

Nicknames Joke 9

“A little boy at school on his first day was asked by the teacher what his name was.
The boy replied, “”Six and seven-eighths””.
The teacher asked him why his parents had given him such a strange name and he replied, “”They just picked it out of a hat””.”

Nicknames Joke 10

I call my new girlfriend ‘Bad fruit shop’ because she’s got no melons

Jokes on Nicknames

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