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Ready for a laugh? I have collected from around the internet some of the funniest random jokes on Neighbors. See below 10 side spitting (or not) jokes on neighbors.

Neighbors Joke 1

“””How’s the flat you’re living in in London, Jock?”” asks his mother when he calls home to Aberdeen.
“”It’s okay,”” he replies, “”but the woman next door keeps screaming and crying all night and the guy on the other side keeps banging his head on the wall.””
“”Never you mind,”” says his mother, “”don’t you let them get to you, just ignore them.””
“”Aye, that I do,”” he says, “”I just keep playing my bagpipes.”””

Neighbors Joke 2

“My next door Neighbor’s Daughter said that when she gets older she wants to marry me. I was touched.
A few minutes later, so was she.”

Neighbors Joke 3

“The girl next door has beautiful soft skin.
I’m wearing it right now.”

Neighbors Joke 4

My neighbors have been listening to music all night! I love my stereo.

Neighbors Joke 5

“When I moved into my new house one of my neighbors came round and asked if I wanted to sign up for the Neighborhood Watch.
Obviously I refused, given my wife had only just bought me one for my birthday and I could look at it any time I wanted to.”

Neighbors Joke 6

“My internet went down yesterday.
I think my cheap neighbor forgot to pay the bill. how irresponsible”

Neighbors Joke 7

convince your neighbors that evolution is working backwards by not shaving for a week, walking to your car gradually more stooped each morning and wearing a monkey costume on the Friday.

Neighbors Joke 8

“In the first year of marriage, the man speaks and the woman listens.
In the second year, the woman speaks and the man listens.
In the third year, they both speak and the neighbors listen.”

Neighbors Joke 9

My neighbor Is so annoying he bangs on the wall so loud sometimes that i cant even hear myself drilling

Neighbors Joke 10

“The kid next door booted a football into my garden, so I punctured it with a knife.
He almost bled to death but I think he learnt his lesson.”

Jokes on Neighbors

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