10 Random Funny Jokes About Magic – Non Woke Jokes

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Ready for a laugh? I have collected from around the internet some of the funniest random jokes on Magic. See below 10 side spitting (or not) jokes on magic.

Magic Joke 1

“My local magician can slow his heartbeat down until it stops.
But, to tell the truth, he only managed to pull it off once.”

Magic Joke 2

“An amateur magician accidentally turns his wife into a settee and his two kids into armchairs. He starts to panic. He tries every trick in book but none work so, in desperation, he decides to take them to hospital.
Once at casualty, the magician spends a sleepless night while the medical staff run numerous tests on the unfortunate woman and children.
Finally, the head doctor comes out into the corridor to speak to the magician.
“”How are my family?”” he asks worriedly, “”are they alright?””
The doctor replies, “”they’re comfortable…”””

Magic Joke 3

“In my act as a street magician, I line up women, blindfold them then rub their fannies menacingly before running off.
More the fool them for trusting David Cop a Feel.”

Magic Joke 4

“What’s the difference between your brain and your grandmother, naked and bent over?
Your brain was in your head before you read this.”

Magic Joke 5

“My brother said out loud that I have an overly developed imagination, all of my family laughed. They won’t be laughing when I set Ryan on them.
Ryan’s my pet kraken.”

Magic Joke 6

“My mate was waxing lyrical about the magic of Dynamo earlier.
“”He’s good, but my mate can make anything disappear in an instant”” I said.
“”Is he a magician aswell?”” he asked.
“”No”” I replied, “”He’s a scouser.”””

Magic Joke 7

“I just saw the magician Dynamo on the High street.
He said, “”Try and pick me up””
I said, “”You have beautiful eyes”””

Magic Joke 8

“My wife told me that I couldn’t manage to be a full-time dad and a successful magician at the same time
Lets see what she says now I’ve turned my daughter into a woman”

Magic Joke 9

“Not happy whatsoever, not once in all the Harry Potter films did I see a ”don’t try this at home” message. Suddenly my daughter thinks she’s found ”the bomb” because she’s married to ”the chosen one” and to top it off his ginger!!
suppose his mother Dianna was killed in a ”car crash””

Magic Joke 10

“Watched a magician live on tv last night, he done this trick where he made everyone in the rooms hands repel like magnets.
I thought it was brilliant, but the audience looked a bit hesitant to applaud it”

Jokes on Magic

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