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Ready for a laugh? I have collected from around the internet some of the funniest random jokes on Exercise. See below 10 side spitting (or not) jokes on exercise.

Exercise Joke 1

“Just been to the gym and there’s a new machine there.
I only used it for about an hour, as I started to feel sick, but it’s great: it’s got KitKats, Mars bars, crisps and everything in it.”

Exercise Joke 2

“I made the mistake of buying a running machine the other day….
Haven’t seen it since.”

Exercise Joke 3

“Every morning I have a 2 mile run before breakfast.
I keep forgetting to buy milk.”

Exercise Joke 4

“Walking home from work this evening I saw a man and woman out jogging. The woman, in typical fashion, hadn’t a clue how to jog properly. She was gasping for air and kept looking back over her shoulder towards her partner, while sobbing loudly. She wasn’t even dressed appropriately!
What a loser.”

Exercise Joke 5

“People are always telling me to get fit.
I get enough exercise just pushing my luck.”

Exercise Joke 6

“My local gym make it extremely difficult for newcomers to join.
They’re on the 27th floor with no lift.”

Exercise Joke 7

“My wife has been fitness mad lately and to make her exercise more fun she asked me to buy her some of those Hoola Hoops.
I wasn’t sure on which flavor so I just got the least fattening.”

Exercise Joke 8

“Just made a keep-fit -video for the elderly.
I’m calling it “”Pumping rust !”””

Exercise Joke 9

“I refuse to drive my children everywhere and insist they either cycle or walk.
While this has made sure they aren’t overweight, the trip to the lion enclosure at Longleat was a bit of a disaster.”

Exercise Joke 10

“I did 10 one arm push-ups this morning,
I was trying to get up off of the floor without putting down my beer.”

Jokes on Exercise

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Kelly Wilson
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