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Ready for a laugh? I have collected from around the internet some of the funniest random jokes on Computer Technology. See below 10 side spitting (or not) jokes on communication-technology.

Computer Technology Joke 1

Computers are like air conditioners. They work fine until you start opening windows.

Computer Technology Joke 2

“I’ve thought long and hard, and have decided on my New Year’s resolution.

Computer Technology Joke 3

They say if you play a Microsoft CD backwards, you hear satanic messages. That’s nothing, because if you play it forwards, it installs Windows.

Computer Technology Joke 4

73% of men don’t know what a cookie is. But 99% know how to delete them.

Computer Technology Joke 5

“I currently own a system which is exactly 14 times better than Windows 7.
I call it: Windows 98.”

Computer Technology Joke 6

“Want to know how to Get a Flat Stomach & Perfect Abs in 2 to 3 Weeks?
Hmmmm let me see……

Computer Technology Joke 7

“I was looking inside my computer yesterday and I burnt my finger on my processor.
It Mhz.”

Computer Technology  Joke 8

“I’ve just renamed my Wi-Fi network to “”Police Surveillance Van #02″”.
That should keep my pikey neighbors on their toes for a while.”

Computer Technology Joke 9

Microsoft’s new Windows advert talks about life without walls…
Surely life without walls is a Window’s worst nightmare.”

Computer Technology Joke 10

“Windows: “”You may be the victim of software counterfeiting…””
Me: no Microsoft, it is you who is the victim of software counterfeiting here, not I.”

Jokes on Computer Technology

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