10 of the Best Ways to Earn Money of You are Out of Work

Now Earn Ton’s of Money While Working from Home

Being out of work sucks. Well, it not only sucks but it can also send a person into a spiral of depression and hopelessness. Millions across the globe have been through this spiral in the last year. So what do we do to counter it?

Well, think of it this way. Your job cannot be taken for granted, so think of it is an inevitable thing that can happen at any time. A famous Alpiner from Northern Pakistan, named Abdul Joshi once said that if you are alive in this world, then nothing is impossible for you. We`ll take this word of advice from a mountain climber who climbs without guide ropes!

So if unfortunately, you face a situation where you are out of work, then firstly don`t despair. You can work your way out of this. Secondly, till you find a job you can think of ways to make money so that you don`t erode your emergency fund completely.

The amazing thing about the times that we are living in today is that there are so many opportunities to earn money as compared to the past. So let us get started!

1- Online Freelancing!

If you have got skills that you can provide over the internet then you can take time to start online freelancing. Who knows you may not even need a job because if your freelancing career takes off, you will probably be earning more than your actual job!

Freelancing however requires patience and work. Don`t think that you will start getting orders right when you make up an account. You have to give it time, build up your ratings, trust and client base.

If you get it right then it can become your permanent job!

2- Start Dropshipping!

If you haven`t heard of drop shipping, then drop shipping is simply a business model where you sell a product to your customer but everything from product handling to delivery is managed by the supplier. Yes, the supplier keeps a percentage of the profit but this gives you more time and resources to work on your product and marketing.

If you can get your strategies right, you can use this opportunity to jump start your own business.

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3- Invest!

Now this is not a conventional way to earn money, especially when you are just out of work. Consider this as more of a gamble and in order for this to work you need to have some solid knowledge about what you are going to invest in.

Look at Bitcoin for instance. Six months ago it was trading around $10000 and today it is over $45000.

10 of the Best Ways to Earn Money of You are Out of Work

Now this was once in a lifetime opportunity for knowledgeable investors to invest their money and multiply their wealth in a few months and cash out without taking on too much risk. Now we are not telling you to invest your savings into bitcoin because the time for that has gone now.

The best time to invest in bitcoin was about 8 months ago. But the point is that there are going to be other coins and other assets that you can invest in, but only if you know what you are doing. There is no point in investing blindly, you must be sure that your investment will take off. If you can time your investment properly, you can generate a lot of profit in a short amount of time.

4- Sell what you don’t need.

Getting out of work can give you time to rethink your life. You can start this off by selling off any unused and unwanted items that you may possess. This will not only generate some money but it will free up space in your house and change the look of your house a bit and bring in a new vibe that can help you think more clearly.

Sell all the stuff that you do not need. Lighten up your house and replan your life.

5- Write a Book

If you always planned to write a book then this can be the perfect time to pen down your thoughts and ideas. You can pen down your life experience, your thoughts or any skills that you have gained through your life. Once the book is done you can either look for a publisher or you can self publish your own book. It really depends on the genre of the book. If it is a storybook, fiction or non-fiction and you think it is good enough then it will be better to find a publisher.

If it is a book about a particular set of skills, then you can self publish it.

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6- Online Surveys

A very easy way to earn money is to take part in online surveys. There are many sites like Survey monkey that pay out surveyors for taking part in online surveys. You will need to spend some time but this activity can generate a decent income. It won’t be enough to sustain you but it will be enough to at least get you by.

Of course you don’t have to take surveys all day long. You can combine this with freelancing, drop shipping or any of the other ideas that we have discussed.

7- Teach Online

Sites like Coursera and Udemy have got lessons by thousands of people who feel that they can teach the skills that they have to others who are willing to learn. If you have got such skills, then you can sign up on any of these online learning portals to create your own courses.

8-  Uber/Lyft

If you have got a car then you can use it to deliver food through Uber Eats. You can even transport people if you can take care of the Covid-19 SOPs. In any case, this is a good way to use your existing resources to earn a good income while you are unemployed.

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9- Affiliate Marketing

If you have got the time, then you can set up your own blog and become an affiliate marketer. If you already have a blog before you got unemployed then this will be better because it will save up on the time you ended to get your blog up and running.

Affiliate marketing basically requires you to direct customers to the sellers from your site and every time a buyer uses your link to purchase the product, you get a commission for it. Now experienced bloggers are earning quite a lot simply through affiliate marketing.

10- Youtube

If you have got the talent, skills or absolutely anything to share on youtube then you can set up your own channel. If your content is good then you can earn quite a lot of revenue simply through Youtube. Look at successful Youtubers like Pewdiepie and Logan Paul.

If you are a gamer, then why play for free when you can record your gaming expereince and set up an Youtube channel? Like to read books, well you can set up a channel to put up videos of you reading your favorite books. Like to travel? Well create vlogs and upload them. All of these and many other ideas have turned people like you and me into successful youtubers who are earning good passive income through youtube channels.

So take your time to determine what you want to do and get started.

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