10 of the Best Singers and Songs You Have Never Heard of

Best Unheard Songs By Underrated artists For 2021

No matter how many movies or series are there to watch, songs are the ultimate stress-buster we look forward to when we are distressed. It takes us to another world. Some songs get stuck in your mind and you can’t seem to get it off. Such songs are pleasant to listen and it would have been worldwide hit. But there are songs you would have never heard of.

Having said this, here’s a collection of 10 best unheard songs from underrated artists.

10. Louis Tomlinson – Two Of Us

English composer Louis Tomlinson dedicated this song to his late mother. Oprah magazine added this song to the 22 Best Mother’s day song.

9. Zayn – There You Are

Zayn is really talented, the way he composed this song, it just gets you. It really is one of the most underrated song.

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8. Little Mix and Cheat Codes – Only You

This song was a summer hit after Little Mix and electronic music trio Cheat Codes decided to join forces. The youthful lyrics just gives you the right vibes.

7. Lemaitre – Closer ft. Jane A

You will definitely listen to this song at least twice. Even Google decided to use this song for one of their Pixel phone ads.

6. mxmtoon – Feelings are Fatal

It has been played 55 million times in Spotify. This song personified mxmtoon’s emotions, her voice will always move you.

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5. Kali Uchis – Tyrant

Kali Uchis deserves a Grammy award. It’s the perfect love song for summer with the Uchis’s soft voice adds a mesmerizing effect to it.

4. Owl City – Alligator Sky ft. Shawn Chrystopher

Owl city loves to make genuine music irrespective of commercial music, truly most underrated artist out there. The hip hop beat will keep you grooving.

3. Street Joy – Do a Thing

Probably you wouldn’t have heard his name but this is real music.

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2. Kiko Shy-Shy – Its the Moments That Matter 

Kiko Shy-Shy is a rising artist who loves a make soul-wrenching songs. This song is about being in the moment.

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1. Isaac Dunbar – Intimate Moments

Isaac has really given his best in this song. It will be only matter of time before everyone recognizes him.

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