10 Must-Have Gazebo Accessories and Parts

Check Out These Top 10 Gazebo Accessories and Parts For Your Car

Your car is incomplete without a car cover, air freshener, GPS navigator, and sound system, right? Similarly, your marquee is also incomplete without the right gazebo accessories. Just because it’s a temporary shelter, doesn’t mean that you cannot jazz it up with event marquees accessories.

Here are ten most popular gazebo accessories and parts for your marquee. Read on.

1.Tent Weights

Tent weights are a must-have for your gazebo. All that planning, food, and furnishing will be in vain if strong winds blow away the tent or heavy downpours soak everything.

Here’s what a windstorm or rain can do:

  • Spoil food, drinks, and furnishing;
  • Soak your guests, leaving them wet or even injured if the tent collapses due to waterlogging; and,
  • Blow the tent away and it could fall on an object or person nearby, causing further damage.

The right tent weights will secure your tent in its position, keeping it rooted to ground. There are several kinds of tent weights to choose from –sand bags, weight plates, water bags, or tent stakes that can be driven into the ground.

gazebo accessories and parts

2. Heating and Cooling Units

Staying inside a poorly ventilated marquee for extended periods of time can be stuffy and suffocating. It can also make the food go bad. Make sure to install AC units in summer and heaters during winter. Don’t forget to add fans along with AC to circulate the air inside properly.

3. Furnishing

What’s a car without the shiny seats?

If you are going to organise an event outside, chairs and tables are the quintessential elements – evenif they’re only for your team. There are a lot of things that you can use to furnish your marquee.

The furnishing varies with events. If it’s an intimate event, add dining chairs and tables with colorful cushions that brighten up interiors. If it is a casual event, spread out the seating space with some quilted rugs, pillows, throws, lanterns, and plants to give it a more homely vibe.

Just be mindful that the furniture pieces are not too heavy to carry. Everyone wants to plan and decorate before an event, but packing up after can be tiring.

4. Lighting

Lighting a tent from inside is tricky business – either there’s too much of it, or everything is dimly lit. Rather than choosing fancy lighting options, go for practical investments instead.

For instance:

  • Perimeter lighting illuminates the tent from perimeters and corners.
  • Peak to corner lighting covers both the perimeter as well as the centre with light strings that connect all corners.
  • Entire perimeter can be covered with lights placed at equal distances around the tent.
  • You can go all in by covering the marquee completely with lights.

There are several options to choose from. You can go as ornate or as minimalistic as you want. Some of the popular choices include LED candles, string lights, bottle lights, lanterns, chandeliers, fairy light strings, and globe lights.

5. Rain Gutters

Hosting an event outdoor is fun until it starts raining. Then everything turns messy and wet, soaking in rainwater mixed with dirt and grime. Gazebo accessories such as rain gutters might seem unimportant at the time of purchase, but their real worth is realized when they protect you, your marquee, and your guests from bad weather.

Rain gutters or rain catchers have a similar function as the gutter slopes in your house. They drain out excess water and prevent water logging that can cause the marquee to get heavy and cave. Moreover, if they’re placed in between adjacent marquees, they prevent the leftover space from becoming a watershed area.

6. Screens

Marquee screens help fend off insects, bugs, and mosquitoes. They also offer privacy. During a road show, you can use screens to create resting rooms for your team to relax from time to time. They offer privacy, and at times act as makeshift storage rooms too.

7. Awning

If you need extra protection from harsh sunlight, rain, or insects, by all means, go for an awning.

The awning kit offered by Extreme Marquees is detachable and portable. It provides excellent protection from insects and unwanted natural elements. It can be attached to your existing marquee very easily and quickly. You can also get it printed to add more space for advertising your brand.

8. Mesh Walls

Mesh walls are ideal for warmer months. It allows the breeze to pass through without letting in insects, mosquitoes, and unwanted elements such as leaves or twigs. The mesh walls can be inserted and unfurled between Velcro straps that hold up the main wall.

9. Protective Cover

Protective covers are provided with every marquee that you purchase. These event marquees accessories keep your gazebo safe when it is not being used. Make sure to always store the marquee after drying it completely. Moist marquee can accumulate mould and fungus. It can also cause the legs to rust. These factors lower the life of your marquee.

10. Marquee wheels

Marquee wheels come in handy if your event space is far away from the parking spot. The patented wheeled system provided with Extreme Marquees makes moving or transporting your marquees extremely easy.

Since the entire weight is supported by wheels, you will not have to huff and puff while lugging around a heavy marquee and other promotional collateral. The marquee wheels will literally glide over grassy or bitumen areas.

So, there you go. Which of these gazebo accessories do you have? Which one of these are you planning to buy? Extreme Marquees, Australia’s premier gazebo and marquees manufacturer stocks several different kinds of events marquees accessories to make your outdoor events a smashing success.

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