10 Most Healthy Green Fruits Ranked Best to Worst

Top 10 Highly Healthy Green Fruits for a Healthy Life

Whether you look for something to snack on between your meals, or a way to ramp up your mineral and vitamin intake, or just something to add to your smoothies for added health benefit, adding fruits to your diet could be the right answer for you – especially green fruit. Even though green vegetables are usually associated with many health benefits, but we mustn’t forget about green fruit as well. Packed with nutrients, low in calories, some even labelled as “superfoods” – green fruit is an excellent addition to any diet.

The list of provided benefits that go alongside incorporating green fruit into your daily life is really long: they are a source of some really important compounds such as glycolic and citric acid, they work as an immune system booster, they promote proper digestion, and may reduce blood pressure. And this is just to name a few!

Making a list of only 10 and ranking them from the best to the worst is rather a difficult job, but when everything is taken into consideration, some just take the crown. Stocking up your fruit basket with any of the listed will apple-solutely positively impact your health.

 1. Avocado

Often labeled as “millennial” food, avocados are considered a superfood. Worthy of their adjective – super – they bring numerous perks when consumed daily. Although called alligator pear, avocados have nothing rough about them – rich and creamy, they are a perfect addition for smoothies, making spreads, or even cubing it and tossing it into a salad. Loaded with antioxidants, nutrients, heart-healthy fats, and fiber they supply the body with the proper nourishment.

The only downside is the hassle of picking the perfectly ripe avocado or waiting for it to ripen. So don’t forget to add this fruit gem to your shopping basket whilst picking the produce in your local supermarket next time!

100 gr of avocado contains around:

160 calories,

15 gr of fat,

485 mg of Potassium,

9 gr of carbohydrates,

2 gr of protein,

7 gr of fiber,

16% Vitamin C,

15% Vitamin B6

2. Kiwi

What is small, round, fuzzy, and easy to put in your mouth? You guessed it – undoubtedly kiwi! Even if it’s rather small in size, it’s big on the nutrient list so it takes dazzling second place on our list. They are a great fruit if you’re trying to lose weight and not compromise the flavour of the food. Extraordinary in both look and taste – this tropical fruit is full of vitamins, fibre, antioxidants, and minerals. When mentioned in conversation, it may spark controversy about whether to peel or not to peel the skin of it. When you decide whether the fuzzy texture is for you or not, this fruit may be the kiwi to all your dietary concerns.

100gr of kiwi contains around:

61 calories,

15 gr of carbohydrates,

1,1 gr of protein,

3gr of fiber,

312 mg of Potassium,

154% Vitamin C

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3. Lime

A sub-lime fruit that excels in many fields – it is loved as an addition to skin care for rejuvenation and adored in culinary. Limes aid digestion, help in improving immunity, are packed with antioxidants, and may aid absorption of many nutrients such as iron. The limes are powerful fighters against different infections and have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and on top of that, some researches show that the limes may prevent cancer. I guess that Daiquiri and Mojito might be healthier than we thought.

100gr of lime contains around:

30 calories,

11gr of carbohydrates,

102mg of Potassium,

48% Vitamin C,

3% Iron

4. Green Apples

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away and even though that is a bold statement it holds a lot of truth. Adding an apple a day has many benefits starting with its detoxifying and metabolism-boosting powers. Green apple is good for vision, lungs, heart, liver and it enhances the quality of skin, digestion, and hair. Delicious, crispy apple is a great choice of snack. And if that is not a-peel-ing to you enough, think about how perfectly it goes with peanut butter… I’m sold!

100gr of green apple contains about:

52 calories,

13,8 gr of carbohydrates,

2 gr of fiber,

120 mg of Potassium

5. Green Pears

A pear-fect fruit for baking and snacking, green pear has the perfect balance of sweetness, juiciness, and tartness. They pack a lot of compounds that are crucial for vision, gut health, and lowering the risk of many diseases. They are often compared to apples and the battle is still ongoing whether the apples or pears are superior ones to another, but that may come down to taste. This fruit may be a good pear-ing with almonds and make a fantastic healthy duo!

100gr of green pears contains about:

57 calories,

15 gr of carbohydrates,

116mg of Potassium,

1% Iron

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6. Honeydew Melon

This sweet fruit is often underestimated, but honeydew melons come with many, often surprising, health benefits. Despite the name containing “honey” in it, they aren’t full of sugar so it can be a perfect fruit for everyone trying to shed off some extra weight. The amount of water is really high, so it can help with overall hydration. These melons promote heart and bone health, reduces blood pressure, improve and aid diabetes management, and a lot more. Next time you’re picking out a refreshing summertime treat, dice this melon queen, pop it in the refrigerator and you have a delicious and nutritious snack for your sweet tooth without the additional worries!

100 gr of honeydew melon contains around:

36 calories,

9g of carbohydrates

228 mg of Potassium,

30% Vitamin C,

5% Vitamin B6

7. Greengage Plum

These delightfully sweet and bite-sized balls carry a lot of nutrients, flavonoids, antioxidants, and other molecules fighting on the first line for health. They boost metabolism so they are a great addition if you’re trying to lose weight. Not only that they’re super delicious and nourishing on their own, but they also make a great jam that resembles honey. One of the only downsides of this fruit is that it may not be easily attainable in some parts of the world.

100gr of greengage plum contains around:

46 calories,

11,4gr of carbohydrates,

1,4gr of fiber,

157 mg of Potassium

8. Green Grapes

Wine is known to be the drink of the Gods and grapes the food of the Gods, and in that manner, green grapes contain many godly benefits – they prevent chronic diseases, cancer, they may lower blood pressure and they may improve memory, attention, and mood! Their low glycemic index makes them safe to snack on without the worry of raising the level of blood sugar. They are perfect frozen, fresh, or squeezed into juice. It’s a grape way to improve your diet!

100gr of green grapes contain about:

67 calories,

17gr of carbohydrates,

6% Vitamin C,

2% Vitamin A

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9. Starfruit (Carambola)

The star of your diet may not be carambola…yet. This powerful and healthy fruit is now starting to be recognized as a “superfood” due to its strong antioxidant properties. It’s packed with Vitamin C and B5. It supposedly cures hangovers like no other! But the hype may not be for everyone and consumption of this fruit should come with precaution because it can negatively affect people that have kidney diseases.

100gr of starfruit contains about:

31 calories,

7gr of carbohydrates,

2,8gr of fiber,

1gr of protein,

57% Vitamin C

10. Oroblanco

This interesting hybrid gets the nickname “sweetie” that originates from its delightful, sweet taste. Like other citrus fruits, oroblanco is rich in Vitamin C, fiber, they are low in calories and in addition to that make great, healthy, and refreshing drinks. Oroblanco really lives up to its name “white gold” and rightfully takes a place on our list of the healthiest green fruits.

100gr of oroblanco contains about:

40 calories,

182 mg of Potassium,

25 mg of Calcium

Whether you’re looking for something to add to your salads or a way to improve the taste of your cold-pressed juices or just something to refresh your groceries, this list contains a variety of delicious and most importantly healthy green fruits that provide many benefits, nourish and replenish the body with the right nutrients. There is no reason to feel green because we’ve got you covered!

Main Image Source: Pixabay

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