10 Easy (and Free) Ways to Get Millions of Views on YouTube

In a video-dominated world, content marketers should prioritize YouTube views. You’re not alone in being afraid to invest in a channel without direct ROI. Under pressure to reach short-term goals, many marketers spend on sponsored search and social media over YouTube. However, you can only reach your long-term goals with a high volume of top-of-funnel prospects. Create content that promotes your company and brand. With the COVID-19 event making sales difficult, this is an excellent moment to focus on top-of-funnel prospects to get millions of views on YouTube.

1. Quality Content 

Excellent content. Make unique material. Many unethical ways to boost YouTube views can be found if you seek hard enough. Creating films your audience want to watch and finish is the greatest approach to success on YouTube. Value is key. Content marketing only works if you add value. It’s easy.

YouTube is a search engine like Google. Friends, what does a search engine do? Provide the most relevant stuff. Google always urges SEOs to provide value to site visitors. YouTube does the same. Contact prospects. Discover their insomniacs. That and these underappreciated YouTube stats should inform your videos. 

2. Learn YouTube SEO

YouTube searches. Like other search engines, YouTube organizes its search results using several ranking signals. To increase YouTube views, you must understand YouTube SEO, the primary ranking signals, and how to appeal to them.

Keywords first. Optimizing requires keywords. Type each topic into the YouTube search field after making a list (thinking series!). As you’ve seen, YouTube suggests search queries. Real YouTubers have repeatedly searched for these suggestions. Thus, each is a good target keyword!

Importantly, certain keywords are harder to rank for than others. WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool shows keyword competition. Although the tool gets data from Google and Bing—not YouTube—it’s an effective way to assess difficulty.

Optimize after organizing keywords. Let’s briefly analyze the most important YouTube ranking signals.

  • YouTube Title SEO

YouTube considers several factors, but your video title is the most significant. If you want your video to rank for a keyword, it needs to be in the title—ideally at the beginning, as anecdotal data suggests that doing so can boost ranks.

Your title should include more than the keyword. Ranking matters, but clicks don’t. This guide will cover video title enticement.

  • YouTube Description SEO

Optimize your video description next. Search results structure your description, which is less important than your title. Always add your keyword!

Keyword targeting isn’t keyword stuffing. You should mention your term and show relevance to YouTube but do just what is necessary.

  • YouTube Tags SEO

Video tags are the last thing I’ll mention before our fourth tip. YouTubers cannot see your tags (except those who use a special Chrome extension, such as video). Tag your videos—an easy, safe approach to show YouTube’s algorithms your significance. Video tags should target your principal keyword and close variants, as shown below. This will help you rank for searches without your goal term but with the same intent.

YouTube hashtags and video tags are different.

3. Think Series, not Videos

Many YouTubers create playlists. Why? Clicking on a playlist video starts the following video automatically. Thus, viewers can watch numerous connected videos without moving away from the channel. YouTube loves this because it boosts ad income. It should make you excited, increasing engagement and video views. A huge playlist of unrelated videos could be better for users. Instead of individual videos, brainstorm YouTube series. As you develop additional content, arranging videos into playlists is easy. Your audience will enjoy a smooth, engaging experience, and your views will increase. This framework is a wonderful approach to start working towards YouTube success and to get millions of views on Youtube.

4. Cards And End Screens

Watch time shows viewer engagement well. The more someone watches your YouTube video, the more they care. Engaged viewers are likely to watch more of your videos. Cards and end screens are our fifth YouTube view-boosting strategy. Let’s review each feature.

  • Cards: A banner-like YouTube card in your video’s top right corner informs visitors of similar information. It’s a simple, effective technique to leverage high user involvement and promote another video without degrading the viewing experience.

Each card is like a blog post internal link on YouTube. While self-promoting, you’re leading users to useful stuff. Another win-win.

  • End Screens: End screens, like cards, connect your most engaged users to related material. Your video ends with a screen.

Use an end screen to attract subscribers and promote a video or two. YouTube notifies more subscribers when you upload a new video.

5. Share On Social Media

No big deal—sometimes the basics work best. Promoting fresh YouTube material on social media increases views. The issue is that everyone does this. YouTube SEO isn’t for everyone, nor is linking with a competition. Only a few worry about creating quality material. Everyone promotes YouTube videos on social media. That’s why inventive techniques are crucial. Three ways to stand out on social media.

  • Give audience a substantial glimpse

Some marketers think the key to success—whether in views, clicks, conversions, or whatever—is to give away as little as possible. These people would advise you to give your social media followers the smallest preview possible to not… dilute the product?

This philosophy is ridiculous. If you don’t share your insights, you’ll miss out on brand affinity and content promotion. Why should someone leave Facebook for YouTube if they need more confidence your video will  be of help? Give a substantial social media preview to stop people on your page and get them to see your YouTube video.

  • Discuss it

Find people talking about your YouTube video on social media to promote it. If they didn’t care about the topic, they wouldn’t be chatting with each other. Thus they’ll probably check out your stuff.

  • Contact industry leaders

Contact industry leaders with significant, loyal followings! Retweets from relevant influencers can boost brand authority. Content marketing requires authority. Influencers are everywhere—not just in the world of fashion and fitness. To get millions of views on Youtube, you have to leverage on the power of influencers.

6. Blog About Each Video

If blogging is part of your content marketing strategy—and should be—why not produce a blog post for each YouTube video? The rewards surpass the time investment. Introducing website visitors to your YouTube channel and boosting views is simple. A video also improves the user experience for prospects who prefer to watch rather than read. Since you’re writing a script, writing a blog post is easy. Blog posts for YouTube videos are simple wins. Plus, SEO benefits. The video proves quality. It signals to search engines that your site has rich media relevant to search requests as part of a media mix. Thus, including a YouTube video at the end of a blog post shows Google and Bing that you’re providing more value to readers. You may receive a ranking boost!

7. Join Other Content Makers

You and another content creator don’t have to be enemies because you’re targeting the same audience. We recommend a mutually beneficial connection. Remember that YouTube content marketing is about adding value to viewers and growing your top-of-funnel leads. Your ability to achieve that goal is unaffected by competition.

How can you increase YouTube views while collaborating with another video creator? Create content together. If you guest-starred in one of your competitor’s videos, you would gain exposure to new users. Your video advertising would boost traffic for your competition. YouTubers enjoy great stuff. Everyone wins.

8. Video Descriptions Need Timestamps

Users can search YouTube for related material. Google often leads users to YouTube videos. Many searches return videos. Google stated in September 2019 that they would link to major YouTube moments on the SERP to help searchers access content faster. Google will use timestamps in your video description to highlight key points and guide visitors. In action:

Include timestamps in your YouTube video descriptions to retain time-pressed visitors. This feature is a simple method to wow potential consumers with a great user experience. Seize it!

9. Pay Attention To Thumbnails

Some will actively seek your stuff. Your social media and website will reveal it. Friends may share your videos. However, many YouTube users will find your videos while searching for content. You’ll get as many views as you want with captivating, unique thumbnails. Let’s explore how to make a good YouTube thumbnail. Search YouTube for your keyword and see what thumbnails other creators have used before shooting your next video. Before recording, figure out what you’re up against to stand out. However, the number-one guideline of YouTube thumbnails is to accurately depict your video. You’ll lose rankings if you use your thumbnail to trick viewers into clicking.

Analyzing a good YouTube thumbnail may be the greatest method to explain it. First, is this thumbnail accurate? It’s an eye-catching, vibrant thumbnail that creates expectations for the video. YouTube thumbnails are 1280 x 720 pixels (16:9 ratio). You need a.jpg ,.png,.bmp, or.gif.

10. Consider Titles Carefully

Like the thumbnail, your YouTube video’s title needs careful consideration. You should write an intriguing video title, but deceiving viewers into clicking is immoral and unhelpful. Discovery-oriented users? Are people searching YouTube for videos? They’ll scroll through if your title doesn’t grab their interest and motivate them. That is, establish a balance between dry and dishonest. Here are some quick title idea to get millions of views on Youtube:

  • What is your video’s takeaway? What do they gain? How will your knowledge impact their lives? Ask these questions while brainstorming titles to choose a winner.
  • YouTube video titles that pique user curiosity garner more views. If your title matches your video, you’re good.


Only some of today’s advice should be applied. YouTube creators have different methods to get millions of views on YouTube. While influencer marketing may boost YouTube views, you may benefit more from thumbnail optimization and channel partnerships. Your situation determines it. We hope everyone remembers that viewers come first. Does unique, high-quality material guarantee thousands of monthly views? It doesn’t—you need further steps to success. Without valuable material, nothing we’ve discussed about today matters.

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