10 Amazing Book Promotion Ideas for Self-Published Authors

Top 10 Most Used Book Promotion Ideas for Self-Published Authors

If you have been regularly reading our blogs, then you will know that we emphasise a lot of proper marketing. You can have a great book but if you do not market it properly, you will not sell well.

Which is why in this article we are going to look at some book promotion ideas that can help self published authors.

So let us get started without wasting any more time.

1-Author Website

We have covered this point in detail in one of our previous articles. If you are a self published author, then you need to have your own site. In fact in 2021, everyone needs to have their own website to showcase their talent and professional skills. But for a self published author, the importance of having their own website is exponentially higher.

So make sure that you have a properly designed website ready. It is going to be your hub, the place where you can directly interact with your readers and update them about the latest news and info related to your books.

It does not matter if you publish on KDP or have a traditional publishing house behind you. You need to have a website, where you can interact with your readers directly and have all of your book related information in one place.

You should use your website to

  • Create an email list.
  • Create content such as blogs and background info to your stories.
  • Link your social media profiles.
  • Offer gifts and giveaways.
  • Hold contests.
  • Promote your books.

2-Free Preview & Samples

The reason why creating an email list is so important is because when you have got all of your readers in your email list. You can easily send a preview chapter of your upcoming book to all of your followers.

The preview can give them an idea of the upcoming book and this trick usually helps self published authors get much needed traction during the early days of their book launch. For instance if you have got 1000 subscribers on your mailing list and even if 10% of the subscribers buy your book within the first week. Then you will be able to sell 100 copies directly through your email list.

Now imagine what would happen if you did not have an email list. You would sell 0 copies in this manner. This would hurt your initial traction and listing on Amazon. Ask yourself, which book would Amazon promote? A book that sells 10 copies in the first week or a book that sells 100 copies in the first week? The answer is clear.

This is why maintaining an email list is so vital for your success.

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3-Social Media

For a self published author, perhaps the only thing more important than a website is social media presence.

Having accounts on multiple social media platforms will allow you to have points of contact with your readers and followers. These accounts will also allow you to market your books more easily and reach a wider audience.

You can build up your accounts over time and use the account reach to drive sales for your books. If you use your social media accounts and email lists properly, you can funnel sales efficiently to keep your book trending on Amazon.

4-Amazon Author Page

If you are using Amazon KDP as your platform then you have got a wonderful opportunity to use the Amazon Author Page to showcase your content. The author page is like your facebook wall but on Amazon for your readers.

It is your homepage, so getting it optimized should be your top priority. Here is what you can do with your author page.

  • Write your biography, to connect better with your readers.
  • Link your website and social media platforms.
  • Link all of your books.
  • Add a feed section to keep your readers updated.

5-Book Promotion Sites

You can also use book promotion sites to promote your book. Some sites require payment to promote your books while some do it for free. Sites like Goodreads, are not technically book promotion sites but if your book gets listed on Goodreads, then you can generate a considerable amount of traction and free publicity.

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This might sound unconventional but doing podcasts is turning out to be a new way to promote books. You can record podcasts to discuss aspects of your books and stories that cannot be written down into blog posts. You can also use podcasts to discuss any topic you want, to simply create a community around your brand name.

7-Host Readings

If you have a YouTube channel or even Facebook page for that matter. Then you can host readings of your book for your followers. You can poll which chapters your readers want you to read. You can then read the chapters, as you intended them to be read to give your readers and followers deeper insight into your books.

This is a great way to get your book read and discussed. You can also use this method to get feedback from your readers.

You can also use this method to create a community around your brand.

8-Guest Posting

This is another great way to promote your book. If you are a blogger or have your own site then you can use your blog to promote your book. You can write a guest post for a blog that is relevant to your book.

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9-Influencer Marketing

This is a relatively new form of marketing. You can pay influencers to invite you to their channels to discuss your book. You may not even have to pay if you have got influencers as your friends. In any case, using influencer marketing can generate a lot of traction and sales for your books.


Another very effective way to market your book is merchandising. You can get shirts, mugs, notepads and pens etc printed for your books and sell them for extra money. Your fans will love to have book related merchandise and it will work as free advertisement as well.

Remember that marketing is a dynamic field, it keeps changing over time. Moreover it pays to be innovative in marketing. So if you can use any of the above mentioned ideas in an innovative manner to reach out to the readers, then you will find yourself being rewarded.

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