Social media icons nail art designs

Social media icons nail art is a perfect mixture of funny, amazing and cute design for any internet girl’s nails. The girls spending most of their time on social media website like facebook and g+ etc. can have their favorite’s website’s logo on nails.

Social media icons nail art designs step by step guide

This cute and beautiful nail art can be done by using stickers and also nail paints whatever suits you best.

#1- Social media icons nail art by using stickers

You can buy a full sticker for each nail, only logo part or can use multiple stickers to draw your favorite logo on your nails.

  • Apply a base coat such as use FB blue color for the Facebook icon.
  • Use either a small (f) white sticker or cut any white sticker to make it (f).
  • Finally, lock the design by applying transparent nail color.
  • Done!

Note: If you want to use full nail stickers and luckily find one for your favorite social media website Facebook. You can simply use full sticker else follow the above steps.

#2- Social media icons nail art by using nail paints

Not doubt, use of stickers can reduce efforts and time required for nail art done. But, stickers don’t look natural especially while seen from near about. If you have nail paints in all required colors and got some talent + confidence to try something new & unique, you should go for nail art by using nail paints instead of stickers.

  • Choose the perfect matching colors or blend 2-3 colors to create a perfect one.
  • Paint the website color as the base coat.
  • Let it dry before drawing the logo, icon or letter such as f for Facebook, t for twitter, @ for email, g+ for Google+ and so on.
  • Draw the perfect outlines first so later you can fill it to have the best piece of nail art.
  • Once dried, lock the design and you are done!
Social media icons nail art designs for internet girls

Social media icons nail art designs for internet girls

One thing is for sure that you’ll receive hundreds of likes/comments and shares in no time after uploading your social media icons nail art designs. As this is something to drive crazy traffic in minutes.

Also, check another simple floral nail art done by stickers and nail paints for inspiration.



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